Thursday, April 7, 2011


Tonight’s movie was “Unstoppable” with Denzel Washington. It was about a true story about an unmanned runaway freight train in Pennsylvania. The heroes were an 27 year veteran engineer and a brand new rookie conductor. It took them both using all the gifts and courage they had to stop the train. As Bud said toward the end, it was a prophetic picture of this new generation that is bringing the Kingdom of God to earth. It will take a combination of the old and the young; or as I like to call it the Joshua’s and the Caleb’s. We need both to do all that God wants to do. We have to join together in the dreams of God. The hearts of the Fathers have to be turned to the sons and the hearts of the sons to the fathers.

That is what was promised and prophesied by Malachi. That time is now, and there is a call for the fathers to put down their prejudices about music, long hair, tattoos and all the other stuff that really defines this new generation. If we can do that and truly begin to call the sons and daughters into their destiny then, I believe, the sons and daughters will come alongside and allow us to partner with them in the dreams of God. But it is going to take the Fathers and mothers to make the first step. That first step is to begin to call out the gold and destiny that is hidden deep within sons and daughters that have been searching for a God of power, love and acceptance.

For too long we have been accepting only if someone looked like us, thought like us and voted like us. Look at the average church. It is very homogeneous. The same type people gathering around the same ideas. When people start gathering around God and His love, then we will begin to see conservative lawyers and tattooed bartenders in the same church. We will be celebrating His love for each of us instead of celebrating our likeness. Shoot, we might even disagree politically and still be able to love each other. Now that would be a miracle in itself.

The Kingdom of God is multi-cultural. It will have all types, shapes and sizes of people who have embraced the love and acceptance of Jesus. They will have one thing in common. They all love Jesus and know Him as their Lord and Savior. But beyond that there will be many differences, probably too many to even count. But right now it is hard to find many churches where that is a possibility. I know that over the past two years, I have dealt with so much prejudice in my heart that was nothing but a spirit of religion and separation cloaked in “righteousness”.

So we as fathers need to be willing, no we must take the first step. We must ask forgiveness for all the fathers who have placed their own values and mores on the next generation. We need to ask forgiveness for not loving with an unconditional love. We also need to be willing to embrace new things so that we can learn to join with others in their dreams, even when those dreams are not our own. That is our calling and it will be a great generation that will come forth and rock the world.

Well, that’s all for tonight. I have an early wake up tomorrow and I really need a little sleep. So it was a good movie, and a great dinner again.

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