Thursday, April 14, 2011

Believer - What does it Mean?

I think that most Christian’s would call themselves believers. I also think that most Muslim’s would call themselves believers too. The same would go with Buddhist’s and all the other religions. They are all believers; the difference is what they believe. I want to focus on me, probably you and all other Christians tonight.

If you were to ask most Christians what it takes to make you a believer you would probably get a lot of things like Bible Study; discipleship; evangelism. All these things are good and help you draw near to the Lord, but not many would say signs, wonders and miracles. And yet, that is what we were told to do as believers. At the end of Mark, the bible says “these signs will follow those who believe…” In John 14 it also talks about those who believe would do greater works than Jesus. So there must be more about being a believer than just discipleship and Bible Study. And yet so many churches don’t even believe that the gifts of the Spirit are real and for today.

As I was doing my devotional today, I was convicted once again about how we as believers should be seeing much more in the way of miracles. But to see them you have to be willing to risk. For the most part I go about living my life avoiding that type of risk. I am rewarded when I do step out, but I have to be willing to open up and step out on a daily basis much more. As believers, we are supposed to bring the Kingdom of God into our areas of influence. I believe that if we all take this seriously, we could really change Atlanta.

So keep on believing and chasing after Him. I want His power. I want it badly. But I want His presence even more. That is the key. When His presence comes, we will all be changed.

Well, I did dinner and a movie by myself tonight. Everybody in the group was busy. Most were out of town in Highpoint NC. They are doing sozos and training another church in how to do the ministry. Sheryl Geddis, from Bethel Atlanta, took all my friends with her. I would have gone but I thought I had other commitments. I did have to work, so the movie was fun, but not as fun as it would have been. But they are all doing good, and there will be other weeks and other movies.

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