Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Two Weeks of School Left

Tonight the realization hit. There are only two weeks left before the end of Second Year. Wow, this year has just flown buy. It seems like only yesterday that we were starting. Someone ask me today whether I was going to be glad or sad that school was over. At the time I thought that it was a little of both. But as I really begin to let the thought sink in, I am going to be sad. Sure I can use the two nights off, and I won’t be so busy. But I will really miss all my second year friends. There are so many that I have gotten so close to this year. Sure, I will se many of them at church on Sunday’s, but that really is not the same.

Here in school we are all running hard after the presence of God. We all are so in tune with what He is doing that it’s like we are like a finely tuned car. But like that machine, it takes all the parts to make it run. We feed off each other. Sure, in many ways it is like an incubator and I know that we all have to be able to “burn alone.” But I also know how much we just enjoy each other’s company. That will be missed. We will have to learn to push ourselves out into the streets because no one else will be holding us accountable as to whether we went or not. Speaking of outreach, next Sunday will be our last official outreach for the year down at L5P. I’ve been looking for Zen. I haven’t seen him back. I pray that he shows up this Sunday. I would love to have another chance to talk to him. I know that I will go back there on some Sundays in the summer. Maybe we can get a team to go. It will be fun and I’m sure we can get a group to venture down there.

Today was a good day all around. It started this morning with the Air-conditioning repairman. He found a leaky coil in the unit. All the Freon had leaked out. The coil has to be replaced. It would have been an expensive job but, praise God, it was still under warranty. The new coil will be installed next week. That will be the third coil in that unit since we moved in back in Jan 2006. Hopefully this will be the last one. But the bottom line is it won’t cost me anything. That’s great

I then went down to Calloway Gardens where we rode bikes for most of the day. It was a perfect day to ride; sunny and cool but not cold. It wasn’t’ a hard ride, we took it easy up and down the hills. I had a great time and got back just in time for school. At school we were told about third year. It sounds fun, and I will have to see what happens this summer to make my decision on whether to attend third year or not. Pretty much the rest of the evening was spent prophesying over others in class or being prophesied over by others. It was a great time with some amazingly accurate words. I was really blessed. On the sadder side, it looks like we will have to cancel our Father – Son day this Saturday. We didn’t do a very good job of advertising it and we didn’t get enough people to sign up. That’s all right, we will present the idea, and hopefully we will be able to pull it off at a later date.

As we were talking about third year we were told that we had come too far to ever go back. I have known that for years. Once you realize that God is Good; He is in a good mood and He wants to do good things. Once you understand that Jesus paid a high price, and it’s our job to see that he gets everything He paid for. Once all these things are deep in your spirit then you are hooked and it is true. You can never go back because there is nothing to go back too. So what we do is press onward, deeper into His presence and into our destiny. We know that they both are intrinsically related. You can’t have the destiny without the presence. So, as I press forward into these last two weeks, I am looking for ways to press deeper into His destiny for me. That is the best way to make sure I am in His will.

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