Saturday, April 2, 2011

Roller - Skating Party

I don’t know how the mother did it. Pulling off a birthday party at a crowded skating rink is nothing but total chaos. I still don’t know how many kids were invited and who was at the party that Anna went to. You see there were at least five parties going on at the same time, and I could have just as easily walked up to another and had some of their food as well. No one would have known the difference. All the kids were either skating by themselves, or if they were beginners, they were with their parents. No one was around the party table except for enough time to eat and cut the cake. Like I said, it was total chaos. But everybody seemed to enjoy themselves.

The good news is that I didn’t fall and break an arm. The bad news is that you can forget how to roller-skate. I figured it would be like riding a bicycle. Wrong. I put my skates on and was ready to go out on the rink with Anna, but then I thought that I had better take a lop around the ring to make sure I could still skate. I found out very quickly how rusty I was. I didn’t fall, but I cam close and was very shaky on my feet. I knew that if I had an hour or so to practice it would all come back to me. But Anna was waiting and I had to make a decision. So I came back, accepting the fact that I would have to practice another day, took off my skates and went out on the rink with Anna.

That was probably the best decision I made all day. There is no way that I could have managed her even if I had been steady on my feet. It took both hands and all my balance just to keep her up. It was very tiring, and I’m sure she got very tired also. I had fun and although she didn’t skate by herself, she did get better as the day went on. Lisa and I took turns taking her around the ring, and after she had some food I took her out for one last time. She did much better. She will learn to skate soon enough. It will probably be ice-skating instead of roller-skating since she will be in Alaska. Who knows maybe I’ll get another chance to practice. I hate not having the skill that I used to have. It makes me want to go back just to prove that I can still do it.

As I was taking Anna around and letting her almost fall, I thought of Father God. We must be like little children so often. He is holding us up, encouraging an giving us balance while we try to learn to do what He had called us to do. He could do it so much easier and faster, but He gets pleasure in holding our hands and guiding us. He loves hanging out with us as we give all the effort that we have, only to need his balance and direction to complete the task. As much as I loved hanging out with Anna and walking every step with her around the ring, He loves being with us so much more. It’s exciting to know that He wants to se us succeed and will keep us balanced and He won’t let us hurt ourselves too bad, he is right here watching and encouraging.

It has been a good day. Sunny but windy. I did get a run in this morning. It has been so good to see Lisa and the girls. Well, I’m heading back to Atlanta tomorrow afternoon. Lisa will be moving in June. Hopefully I will be able to make it back up here one more time before she moves.

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