Friday, April 8, 2011

A Trip to the Eye Clinic

This afternoon after work I went for my annual eye exam. I don’t mind eye doctors the way that I mind dentists. Dentists are way to intrusive. By nature they have to spend almost all their time with their hands in your mouth. Then the rest of the time they have some machines rattling your brain. Then when you are through you can hardly tell a difference; at least most of the time. Eye Doctors on the other hand, are there to help you see better. If they do their job right you are open to a whole new world when you finish.

My least favorite part of an eye exam was when you had to have your eyes dilated and then the Dr used a bright light that was so bright that it hurt. He shined that light for what was probably 30 seconds, but seemed like 30 minutes all around your eye, looking at the very back of it. It hurt bad, and I hated that part of the exam. Well, today I didn’t have to use that part. This doctor had a new laser machine that with just a flash took a picture of all the areas that needed to be checked. It was much more efficient and didn’t hurt at all. You also didn’t have to spend the next few hours half blind while your pupils returned to normal size.

Today I got a new prescription for my contacts that seems to be giving me better reading ability while not taking too much of my far distance. Contacts are always a trade off and to find an improvement is always a hard thing to do. I also ordered some glasses. I haven’t had new glasses for over seven years, so I figured it was time. You know we need to have our spiritual eyes checked periodically also. We need someone to look deep into our spiritual eyes and tell us whether or not we are seeing as sharply as we should. In many ways our spiritual eyes are like our natural eyes. We get so used to what we are seeing that we don’t realize when the dullness seeps in.

I think that in the spirit a sozo is like a natural eye exam. A sozo refines our focus and vision. It allows us to see things that we have never seen or it sharpens our vision on what we are already seeing. I really think it would be a good idea for everyone to get a check up sozo once a year. If for nothing else, it would dust off the cobwebs and allow someone to really focus in on their destiny. I know that I really need one right now. There are areas that I know my focus is a little blurry. I can do some of it myself, but I know that there is so much more to uncover.

Tonight I did a sozo on a young man. Bud was second, and we were able to facilitate an “eye exam” so to speak. It was a great time. I was blessed to be able to get a part of his experience with God. Bill Johnson has a new teaching series called “Transformed People Transform Cities.” I think that title should be the motto or catch phrase for the Sozo ministry. I know it would be a hit at RiverSone. Anyway, an eye of the heart checkup once a year would be great. Well, hopefully I will get mine soon.

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