Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Peace in the Storms

Well I’m sitting here listening to the rain and wind, watching tornado warnings flash all around. I just had one right where I am at, but there is no fear tonight, only peace. It’s been the kind of day where you knew the weather was going to get bad, you just didn’t know when. In the natural, these are the most thunderstorms that I have seen in our area in a long time. I know that there have been many deaths in Alabama and in Georgia. But tonight I have been rebuking the storms and praying for no damage of injury as they have approached the areas where I know people. I have been praying that in general over all the storms, but I have targeted certain areas especially as I prayed.

I know that some people say you can't change the weather, but Jesus rebuked the storm and said peace be still. Hasn’t He told us to do what He did? I believe Him, so I am going to speak to the storms and continue to speak to them until they cease for the night. I speak right now against a tornado warning in Peachtree City and in Marietta.

So, how do you remain at peace in the midst of the storms? For me, I have to keep my focus on Him and not on the circumstances. I couldn’t focus on the winds and the sirens, but instead began to sing n the spirit and praise Papa for His goodness and love. It’s not any different than storms in the Spirit. You do the same thing. It is all about where your focus is. So tonight, especially in the last few minutes my focus has been on Him. Of course you have distractions. I have had multiple distractions tonight. They have been good distractions, but still distractions form focusing on Him. But when things began to get really tense, I was able to regain my focus on Him and His love.

It’s hard to say when the storms will end tonight, but they will end. When they do I hope that I can keep my focus on Him as much as I can in the storm. It’s amazing how I can focus on His love in the midst of the storm and then when the storm ends, I wind up relying just on myself and what I can do. But I guess that is human nature. It’s interesting the past few days because all the storms have come at night. But love gives you wings, and His love lets you fly, so we can fly over the storms. That is what I am doing tonight, allowing love to let me soar over the storms. It’s funny how His love carries us. I guess our love for others is based on His love, and if we love Him, we can love others even better. So tonight all who are focused in Him can have peace, even in the midst of the storm because His love consumes us, and then His love flows through us to others.

I understand why He rebuked the disciples for being so fearful in the storm. They had seen Him do many miracles, yet they still didn’t know who He was. We have the ability to know who He is because we live on the other side of the cross. By knowing Him, it is easier to focus on His love. It’s also easier to be a carrier of His love and peace. So those with us can receive peace from us even in the storm. It’s like we are “umbrellas of protection” for those around us. I think that I neat. Well here comes another round. It’s time to release some more peace and love.

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