Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day 77 - Busy but Good Sunday

Well, I didn’t oversleep this morning. I had two alarms set, one at 3AM and another at 3:05AM. I didn’t need either. I was awake at 2:47. I laid in bed until about 2:55 and then got up for work. I had a crew getting ready for their final checkout on the airplane, so the simulator session was pretty intense. They did a good job and we finished around 10AM. That was great because the service at Bethel Atlanta starts at 10AM. I was able to get there by 10:15 and didn’t miss much at all.
I love to worship. In worship I can get lost in the presence of God. I have the ability to totally engage with what God is doing and forget about anything else. It is a gift that has come after years of worshiping. I can do this most of the time. I wish that I could do it all the time. Today I was able to just get lost in worship. I am very fortunate in that I can worship at school, at RiverStone or at Bethel Atlanta, and God shows up. Each place has it’s own unique worship, but each is anointed and the leaders help usher in God’s presence. It is so good to not have to worry about whether you will be able to worship or not. I am grateful and blessed to be connected with each of these bodies.
Scott talked about the different levels of the presence of God. I know that I want and need more of His presence. It has almost been three months since Julia died. I know that things are changing. No, things have changed, and I am trying to figure out where I fit in with all the changes. To move into all the changes in my live, I must have more of His presence. He has been faithful to meet me, but I have to continue to press into him for more.
After church I met John and Biddie for lunch, then came home and watched a little basketball and took a power nap. I got up in time to go to the evening service at RiverStone. Worship was awesome as usual. Daniel and the band also ushered in the presence of the Lord. Tom’s message on the Kingdom of God, and how Jesus knew His purpose was very good. The crowd at 6PM is still very light. I pray that we can get more people there. There is a freedom at 6 that doesn’t exist at the other services, but the small number makes it hard for the band, and I’m sure, for Tom to press into the third service of the day. But it is nice to be able to come, especially when I have to work during the day, and would have missed it otherwise.
I think everybody read my blog last night. Bud and Cathy wouldn’t take no for an answer, so I wound up over at their house for dinner when church was over. I know that they didn’t want me to be alone. So I went over to their house for a while and had a hamburger and salad. Well my diet starts tomorrow. I’m going to try to eat right, and fast form 8PM until 7Am. This is what I did in the fall, with good results. The key is to get a good start, and the key to a good start is good will power. So here goes.
I guess the bottom line about today was this. It doesn’t matter where I go to worship, as long as I press in, it will be fine. Change is upon me, and I really need to press into all that God has for me so that I can ride the winds of change into my destiny.

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  1. sounds like a BUSY day... but good, like you said! Saw you at the 6pm but didn't get to say Hi. I know with little kids, the 6PM has been great for us many weeks. I enjoyed it.