Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 57 - Divine Justice

Wow, I got back to the hotel early enough to get this done on the same day. Wrong! I forgot about the time change, so it will probably be posted on the 9th. This is actually about Monday the 8th. This was a pretty easy yet eventful day. We are really “suffering for Jesus” in this hotel. It is as nice as any American hotel I’ve stayed at. There is a full breakfast buffet with made to order omelets and delicious fresh fruit with coffee to die for. We slept in until around 8AM and then went to breakfast. W stayed around the hotel all morning. I got a run on the treadmill in, and then went out to the pool for about 30 minutes. Even with sunscreen on, that was plenty of time in this climate. The temperature was probably in the high 80’s today. It was a little windy, so it felt great. We had a team meeting at noon. WE talked about the schedule and I’m on to preach in our open air meeting in a town plaza on Wednesday night. Our schedule is light the first two days, and then fills up on Wednesday thru Saturday. Then we met at 3PM to go to the mall to eat a late lunch, early dinner. After the mall, we went to an open-air market to do Treasure Hunts for an hour. We divided up into two teams, each with one Spanish speaker to translate. Our team was looking for a few different clues, one of which was a colorful bird. As we were walking we came across a booth with some bird paintings. That was close enough, so we asked the girl if she needed prayer for anything. She said her mother had cancer, and we could pray for that. We then told her how we found her, and that God wanted to heal her mother. As we prayed, the presence of God came in very strong. We asked her if she felt the presence as she did. We then held her hands, and prayed for her hands so that she could lay hands on her mother to pray for healing. We then found another lady that needed prayer for her ankles. They had been hurting, but weren’t right now. But as we prayed, she felt a lot of heat come into them. Then we found a woman who was in great pain in her abdomen. As we prayed for her, her pain totally lifted. She was so excited that she went to get the owner of the business. She came in and wanted prayer also. We prayed and blessed her. We also had some prophetic words for her that were right on. We also prayed for a man with one leg. (It didn’t grow back). We did all of this is less than an hour. It was a great time, but only the beginning of the evening.
We went to this church that Josiah (one of our leads) and Harry (the Nicaraguan pastor who is our guide) had never been to. We really didn’t know what to expect, Well there were probably 60 to 70 people there, and worship was very lively and good. Then we got up and we all called out words of knowledge. Every word had a response, some more than one. We had these people come down, and we were going to pray for them. We probably had at least twenty of the group to come down for prayer. WE all prayed for them for a while, and then we had testimonies. At the end of the service, when we asked how many had been healed, probably 15 – 20 hands went up. We had some ears partially opened, had backs healed, knee pain gone. I can’t remember the list.
After we had the healing time, one of our team, Will. Gave the message on Joy. It was very good, and was right on target for what the pastor needed to hear. When we first walked into the building, I felt the Holy Spirit impress upon me to take my sketchpad and pencils out and draw a picture. I had no clue what I was about to draw until I started. I knew that He wanted to use me in this way on this trip, but I wasn’t sure how He was going to do it. Anyway I drew a picture of the church in a city block with other buildings. The power of God was filling it from above. The power looked sort of like flames coming from the sky, with an outline of Jesus in them. Then I got a word for the Pastor. I wrote part of the word on the picture. It was very encouraging, but I had more that I wanted to tell him when I gave him the picture. This part of the word was about breaking off an attack that he had been under form the enemy. God is so good. The picture and the word was right on. The pastor was weeping as I gave him the word that I had gotten. He had been under tremendous attack, and Gide delivered him tonight. I was blessed to be able to be used in this way. I was especially blessed that He used my drawing. The drawing is a tangible example of His love. A word can be powerful, but a word with a drawing is a might weapon for the kingdom. I’m greatly encouraged.
Today we only ministered for a few hours, but God multiplied out time with His presence. Tomorrow we play tourist, and go to the jungle and ride the zip line through the trees. We are also going to see an active volcano. It should be a fun day. The Wednesday we will be busy all day. Well, I’m tired and ready to get some sleep. I can bask in the glory of God tonight His presence is awesome.
One last thought. Tonight when we were praying for the sick, I was thinking of Julia. It’s been two months to the day that she died, I was asking God, no I was putting a demand on His presence for divine justice. I was declaring healings take place in retribution for her death. I wasn’t angry, just reminding my Father about His saint who died, and wanting to see the seven fold return. I will continue to press into that. I hope you will too.

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