Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 55 - I'm Ready!

Today was a day of rest and preparation for my trip. I can’t believe it’s tomorrow. Someone asked me if I was excited, and I said thea I’m getting excited. So much work this week has really kept me from focusing on the trip like I should. But today, I began to dream about the trip. I was really dreaming about being used by God to help bring the Kingdom of God to whomever we minister to. I was dreaming about salvations. I don’t consider myself as an evangelist. I think that is far down on the list of gifting that I have. But I could see captives being set free. I really feel that forgiveness is going to be a key as we preach to the people. Many choose not to forgive, thinking in some way that hurts the person that hurt them. It doesn’t. All unforgiveness does is to take the person who chooses not to forgive and put them in prison. It locks them up and keeps them from being free. By choosing to forgive, you allow yourself to be set free. That freedom can bring about restoration and life. It can bring you into the presence of God. It allows the Holy Spirit to open your eyes to all that God wants to do. Not forgiving locks you in prison. We are going to set the captive/prisoners free. Forgiveness will be a big issue.
People have to hear what God is really like. They have to come to a point where they want to have a relationship. This cannot be the religious God they have been taught. There has to be breakthrough, and there will be breakthrough! I can’t wait. I know I’m going to preach, but tonight I’m getting the sense that I might be doing some sozos on leaders also. I haven’t even thought about that, but that would be great. I just don’t know the timing. We have a small team, now we are down to 9 because one of the girl’s passport didn’t arrive in time. But I trust God to know that we have the team we are supposed to have.
I’m almost all packed. I’ve got everything in one suitcase, and I’ll have my backpack for my computer and books. Tonight at the connect conference David talked about everyone doing their “deal”. In other words, everyone reaching and living out their destiny. He talked about how we are all a team, and our destinies complement each other. I enjoyed the message and agreed with it for the most part. What he didn’t cover, and he probably didn’t have time, was that as time goes own, your “deal” changes. It’s like the man with five talents who is faithful. The master comes and gives him ten talents. So we have to be faithful with what our “deal “ is. At the same time we have to allow the Holy Spirit to show us when it is time to be dealt a new “deal”. I have been dealt a new deal. I’m not sure all that it entails, but I do know its new and bigger. I can sense it in the Spirit. I feel restless thinking that I could only do what I have been doing. The new deal is probably much like the old deal, and maybe I just didn’t fully understand what David was driving at. But just because it may be similar, in many ways it could be totally different. Whatever it is, I am excited. I am praying that while I am on this trip the Father will reveal more of the details to me, and show me how to walk in it.
So, tomorrow I’m off. We catch the plane at 5:30, and land around 10PM eastern time. I don’t know when I will be able to post my blog again. I am committed to writing it every day, so whenever I get a chance, I will post all those I have written. So check it whenever you can, and I will post it whenever I can. If you feel led, pray for me, for our team and all the people we will minister to. Next stop Managua Nicaragua.

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  1. Great post. Looking fwd to hearing stories of FREEDOM from this trip!! We'll be praying.

    We were there tonight too (sorry we didn't see ya to say hey) But we are glad that you commented on the message and said what you said about the "deal" changing.
    You can see things from where you are in life that we cannot see -- and that is very helpful and freeing to look a head and see that each season will be different. Maybe slightly different and maybe just a completely new "deal".

    Have an AWESOME trip!