Monday, March 8, 2010

Day 56 - We Arrive

Well, it’s too late to actually post this on March 3rd, but it is the post for the third. I’ll post one for the 8th later. God is good, and He is in a good mood. The flight today was oversold, which is unusual for this flight. Then we realized why. Most of the colleges are on spring break, and there were mission teams from Georgia, Vanderbilt and at least two high schools going to Nicaragua for the week. They are all coming back on Sunday as well, so I really think that I will come back on Saturday. Anyway, when I looked at the flight this morning, I was shocked to see how bad it looked, Normally I might have started to worry about getting on, but I had a strong peace about the flight. One of the leaders of the trip also was going standby, so we both needed to get on. Well, to make a long story short, we both got on in First Class. It was a nice flight down, and I knew the Captain. I had taught him in training last month.
The hotel is very nice. I told Lacy that I would go with her on mission trips anytime. I am rooming with Will Paul, and the room is up to American standards. It just took us a long time to get checked in, and then we drove around trying to find a place to eat. We wound up eating at a gas station. It was better than it sounds. Everything else was closed because it was so late.
We have the morning free, and will probably do outreach at the mall tomorrow afternoon, and then we have a meeting at a church tomorrow night. I was thinking about Julia while I was sitting on the plane. I know that she wouldn’t have been here anyway, but it’s still hard to believe she is not at home sometimes. It just seems weird that she is not around. Sometimes it seems like I will see her come around the corner into the room. It’s sort of mater of fact now. I’m not in pain, it’s just a fact, she’s not coming back. I know that, but I still love her, and I can be joyful when I think back on the memories, and I can be joyful when I look at all there is ahead,
As we were flying into land tonight, I was praying for this country. It’s been ravaged by war for years, yet the people seem so nice. I was praying that God’s Kingdom would be manifest wherever we go, and His presence would leak out from us.
Well, It’s late, and we have a full day tomorrow, so I’ll update you tomorrow night> I know that good things are going to happen. I can feel it.

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  1. yay! glad to hear the update. praying.

    oh, and you can control your posting dates...

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