Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day 67 = Walking in His Peace

I’m starting this post early today. Since I have to be at work at 6, and won’t be home until after midnight I figured I would try to see if I could at least write some of it early. But I might have started too late. We will see. I did get a 50 minute run in today. It felt really good to run outside in the sun. In fact right now I am sitting out side on my deck. It has a southern exposure and is getting good sunshine. So I’m trying to up my Vitamin D as I write. I really just got through eating my breakfast/lunch/dinner. I’m not sure which, because I’m not sure what I’ll eat the rest of the day. Anyway it was an omelet with cheese, cilantro, jalapenos and Tabasco sauce. I had a couple of tomatoes on the side. Man it was awesome. I ate it out here in one of my favorite places. Julia and I bought this house because it faced the woods in the back, and got sun on the deck most of the day. We had a screen porch built right off the deck so we could move in there when it got too hot in the summer. This was our favorite spot to sit together, talk, and have breakfast or supper. We also did most of our devotionals together here when the weather was nice. This afternoon is one of the first days that I have been able to sit out here this year. The temperature is probably in the upper 50s but the sunshine makes it feel so much warmer. I look around the backyard and see so much that she would e wanting to do right now. There are some pots to pull the old plants out of and get ready to put new annuals into. The blueberry bushes are getting ready to bud. I hope that they can wait because another cold spell could hurt the crop. Also there is still the matter of 50 bails of pine straw that I have under the porch. Well it’s probably closer to 40 now. We did get some down in the front yard. But the whole back yard needs straw. I was going to get it right after I got back from Webb, but with everything that happened, I haven’t gotten to it yet. The forecast is for a beautiful next two days before a cold snap and rain comes back on Sunday. Hopefully I will get to it this sometime this weekend. I really miss her; I don’t guess that will change. But it is such a beautiful day, and I can sense the goodness and pleasure of God. I wish that I didn’t have to work. I could sit out here for hours, but I don’t have that kind of time. I have to leave for work in a little over an hour and I still have to shower and dress.
I listened to Bill Johnson on the podcast while I was running this morning. He was talking about ”Pursue. Overtake and Recover all.” He was talking about getting a word from God. Many of us have many decisions both big and small to make. If we are praying we ask God for a word. He is always talking, but sometimes we just don’t listen in the right way. Many times we have several doors in front of us. I really like it when he speaks loudly and I know for sure what to do. But sometimes He leads me by the peace that He gives. I can ask Him about each door, and if I don’t really have a clear answer I go with where His peace is. For me I have found that that peace normally is the Holy Spirit leading me. I have gone against that peace a number of times in my life, usually to my deep regret later on. If you constantly try to walk in His peace and presence, then following that peace when you are not sure of an answer is usually a good thing to do. I’m right there now. I have many doors in front of me. I sense change in the air. There are so many things I am involved in, but I think there are only a few that I really want to give myself too. So here is the deal. Ministry should be fun. You should really get pleasure out of giving yourself away in ministry. If it is not fun, what are your reasons for doing it. Now by fun, I mean that it is something that feeds your passion. It is something where you see God move strongly. Religion is not fun. Releasing His presence is fun. The circumstances may not be the best, but fun is seeing Him move and the Kingdom released. I wish all work could be fun. I was blessed in that I enjoyed my job. It’s great if you can, but they do call it work for a reason. I am fortunate in that I am old enough to be able to do what I like, I happen to enjoy the work that I do. Not necessarily all the days I work, but most of them. I am blessed beyond belief to have a job, a place to live, my girls and grandchildren.
Well, I just got home from work, and I will get this posted soon. I’ve got two days off, and the weather is supposed to be great. I’m looking forward to the sun!

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  1. What a good word... follow the peace. We want God to write it in the sky, but sometimes He simply blankets our hearts with peace.