Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Religion VS Relationship

What do you do with someone when they mess up?  I mean do you punish them when they are so down on themselves that it’s like putting bricks onto a drwoning man.  No, of course not.  The Kingdom is about relationship, not following the rules.  Sure, when you break certain rules, you have to suffer the consequences.  But it’s not my job as pastor to condemn.  No, it’s my job to encourage them to do a better job.

Sometimes it’s easier to do this than at other times.  Tonight it was pretty easy, but last week it was hard.  Why is it that I feel that I can’t trust one person while I can trust another.  Both of them violated the rules.  Both deserved to be punished.  But I chose not to punish either one of them.  How does that work out?  I don’t know, but I think the person that you are ministering to has to have a good attitude.  That is the key, and hopefully it will allow us to really understand how we mess up and help keep it from happening again.  But how we respond to criticism is the key to mobbing forward in the Kingdom. 

As I analyze both situations I do realize that their attitudes were totally different.  They both were wrong, but one of the guys could not admit that he had done anything wrong, while the other had admitted his mistakes and was ready to be healed.  That’s a huge difference.  One of them we can work with, the other you can’t.  So I am willing to work with anyone that is willing to work.  Otherwise, we will have to go it alone.  It will be fun, but definitely different. 

As you can probably tell, school has had it’s problems.  Nothing that is affecting everyone, but definitely something that has to be dealt with for one of her students.  Well, it’s late, and tomorrow is another day.  That’s all for us tonight.  

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