Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Home From California

Night Rockets are always interesting.  Last night’s flight was no exception.  I normally choose not to fly them, either as a pilot or a passenger.  There is just something about trying to race to land before the sun comes up that is sick.  Sick in a bad way, not the “new sick” that means it’s great.  But last night we were just passengers.  When the morning started and I checked the flight it looked like we might have a chance to get in first class.  But even first class on a night rocket isn’t that great.  As the day wore on, it was obvious we would ride in the back.  Then it got to the point that we just hoped we got on. 

But back to last night’s flight.  I have always thought that a full moon brought out the weird people.  I don’t know if the moon was full, but there were definitely some weirdo’s on that plane.  Last night there were a number of them, but I think the one sitting by us was probably the winner.  Here we were, happy we got on the plane.  We were even happier that we were sitting together.  I was definitely happy that I had an aisle seat.  Life was going to be good.  Then we went to our seat; row 33, the last row on the airplane.  It was right by the aft lav’s.  any happy thought I had about an aisle seat vanished with the thoughts of lines of people standing in the aisle waithng to go to the bathroom.  I have been continually jostled before sitting where I was going to sit.  It wasn’t looking nearly as rosy.

Then they came.  Notice I said “they”.  Noe there is only one window seat left.  Every seat on the plane was taken, so where you had your ticket was where you sat.  So here “they” come.  This pretty big woman in a big thick heavy coat carrying a case with a little dog in it.  Now up until a few years ago, that was totally illegal.  I still think it should be.  But if you pay enough money, you can pretty much do anything these days.  Well, she was supposed to put the dog case, with the dog, under the seat in front of her.  Sheryl and I had to get out of our seats, and wait almost 10 minutes for her to try and get situated.  Then, we had to almost push the coat out of the way for Sheryl to sit.  I still don’t understand how she was able to even get in the seat with the dog and the coat, but somehow she wedged herself in.

I was afraid that it was going to be a long night, especially Sheryl.  She was talking to her.  I just pulled my cap down over my eyes and petended to go to sleep.  So here the “four” of us are on the back row in three seats.  She was constantly talking to the dog almost all night.  He was her best friend.  I was thinking to myself that I could certainly understand that.  She was supposed to keep the dog in the cage.  I knew within five minutes of the flight that there was no way that dog was ging to stay in the crate all night.  Sure enough about five minutes later, I saw her motioning the dog up into her lap.  I almost told the flight attendent, but I asked Sheryl and she said it didn’t bother her.  I figured that if we didn’t say anything, maybe she and the dog would be much quieter and happier.  I was right, and the rest of the night was really a pretty good flight.

Anyway, we both did get some sleep.  I got a couple of hours and Sheryl got a little over three.  She cheated and took drugs, but I am glad she got was able to sleep.  We have been going hard all day, and I think that this will be it for the post.  I sue is fun to be home.

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