Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Eve

In about an hour it will be Thanksgiving Day 2011.  Time really goes fast, especially the older you get.  So, it is officially the beginning of the holiday season.  For all the shoppers, black Friday comes and then the annual Tech – GA football game.  Yes it will be an exciting weekend.  But back to Thanksgiving; I’m sure that all over the nation there are millions of turkeys thawing or cooking right now.  We had a tradition when the girls were growing up.  We all had a cranberry in our plate, and one by one, we would pick up that cranberry and say what we were most thankful for.  We would do this right before we started eating.  It was very good, most of the time and it was a great idea to get everyone thinking about what is important.

So, tonight I am going to pretend that I have picked up that cranberry, and that I am sitting around the Dining room table sharing with each of you what I am thankful for.  First, I am thankful for Sheryl and her love for me.  This year is so different for me.  Last year, I was surrounded by people, but constantly lonely.  This year, she has helped wipe that loneliness away.  I didn’t know that I had the capacity to love again.  I’m glad that God brought her into my life for this time.  We are going to have a great time together tomorrow, and I am thankful for all the years that I will have with her as we move into the future.

I’m so thankful for my girls and all their families.  Jennifer, Sean, Adair and Meleah as well as Lisa, Hernan, Anna Roan and Julia Anne.  They are the light of my life, and I am going to miss them so much tomorrow.  But I am thankful for their lives and everything they are involved in.  Now, I have even more family to be thankful for;  Scott, Lacey, Orren, Judah and Ava as well as Levi, Amber, Mecheal and Mason. And then of course I am thankful for Dad and Allene and Laura and Kay and all my nieces and nephews.  I am thankful for all my friends that love us, especially John and Biddie and Bud and Cathy.  But there are so many more that I can’t name them all. 

I am thankful for churches like Bethel Atlanta and Riverstone that are going after the things of God and pushing to bring His Kingdom here on the earth,  I am thankful for a God who loves me with an everlasting love and is willing to allow His son to die to save me and bring me into His kingdom as a brother and heir to the King.  Yes,Ihave so much to be thankful for and I hope that tomorrow I will get the opportunity  to express it.

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