Friday, November 11, 2011

Tech Wins

Yes, Tech won the game tonight.  The problem is it was the wrong Tech.  I guess it is hard to be perfect two weeks in a row.  Ga. Tech played a perfect game to beat Clemson.  It would have taken another perfect game.  It didn’t happen.  Tech played a great game, but not good enough.  It was pretty obvious that Va. Tech has the most talented team, but we gave them a good game.  If it hadn’t have been for a stupid personal foul by us, we might have won the game.  Oh well, that’s life in college football.

I worked again tonight, but I didn’t hear the score and taped the game so I could watch it.  Too bad, I could have gone to bed a lot earlier.  It’s going to be good to have an off day tomorrow.  I have a lot to do.  The first thing is to take the Miata to the shop and get a tire fixed.  It has a nail in it and keeps losing air.  Then I guess I will help Sheryl unpack some more boxes.  We still have so much to do to get the house livable, but it is slowly coming along.  It is really good to be home for a while.  I don’t guess we will be going anywhere until, hopefully, we get to see Adair in the State Cross Country meet in Tampa on the 19th. 
I do think that I am getting used to living down here.  I’ts nice to be able to get home from work in less than thirty minutes.  Especially when it’s late at night.  There are so many things that I need to be doing, but I haven’t had time yet.  I know that S the month progresses, I will be able to make good progress in my list.  Well, It’s late, time to lick my wounds form this defeat and get some sleep. 

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