Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Well, it finally looks like winter is coming to Atlanta.  Today I think the high was around 42 and cloudy. It will warm up to 52 tomorrow, but then drop down into the high 20’s tomorrow night.  I talked to Lisa this afternoon, and I think the tempretaure in Juneau was higher than it was here.  Weird weather, but in reality, the cold is probably where it should be this time of year. 

At any rate, it’s time to look for a gym, before the first of the year when everybody and their brother will be out looking for one.  There are a number to choose from here in Peachtree City, but I just have to go check them out.  Tomorrow I work a B period, but hopefully I will be through around 1:30.  There is much to do to get ready for our Sozo Team party this year.  Even now, Sheryl is putting up some decorations on the mantel.  The last two days have been busy with school and meetings.  We both agree that last week was fun.  No meetings or school or work to speak of.  It was like a vacation without having to go somewhere.

Tonight at school we had teaching on the prophetic and them we had AMT’s.  We are teaching Sozo, but we have a very small class, which could be a lot of fun.  The class is very interactive  and that should make the time fly by.  We have four more classes to teach it but it will be broken up so it will run well into January.  The Christmas holidays are coming up.  We only have two more weeks of school before we have our break.  Shoot, the day after our break, we leave for Alaska.  That is almost two weeks away.  I can’t wait, but it is so hard to believe. 

Not much else going on tonight.  I’m enjoying the fire sitting here writing this post.  It’s good to be in the Christmas season, I love the old Christmas tunes.  Well, it’s late, so I’ll close until tomorrow. Hopefully I will have more to talk abut then.

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