Sunday, November 20, 2011

What is My Focus?

I think that this is a question that we all need to ask ourselves periodically.  It is evident to me that day to day living can easily get me off the main focus of my life.  In fact, over the past month or so it probably has.  It probably began when we started packing to move Sheryl out of her place into the house here, and it increased exponentially when we started packing my stuff. I know what my focus should be, but I also realize that I have been off focus for a few weeks. When we get off focus, our lives get out of balance and that is not a good thing.   I believe that my focus is in three main parts. 

First and foremost, my focus needs to be on my own relationship with my Father.  Papa as I like to refer to Him is good and is in a good mood.  But He desires intimacy in relationships.  He desires my sole attention to hear and hang out with Him.  That is why I was made, and to get off focus can be really disastrous because I miss everything that He wants to give me.  I need it all, and by missing His love, I am robbed of a great treasure.

Secondly I need to refocus on my wife and then my family.  It is so easy to be doing instead of being.  This move has had me so busy along with work, that I haven’t been able to spend the quality time that I need to spend with any of them.  Plus, distance keeps us far, far apart.  I’ve only been married for not quite four months, and I still have a great deal of focus on our relationship.  But it is too easy to get distracted with all the things that need doing. 

It’s easy for me to allow my focus to drift to all the things that need to be done instead of who they need to be done for.  I have to gain perspective on all the things that still need to be done.  The key is remembering why they need to be done.  Who will it impact if I slow down?  What do I need to have accomplished?  The answers can help rearrange my day on the fly. 

Part of my focus has to be on my work and ministry, but this is not where life comes.  It’s where I can give life to others.  My life comes from my relationships.   It’s life that helps me finish my blog and get to bed at a decent hour.  My work sometimes gets in the way of my life.  I know that has been very true, especially in the past few weeks.  So, today as I write this, I have had a time to refocus.  We all need to do this periodically.   

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