Sunday, November 6, 2011

Chico Ca

Today we drove down to Chico to see Levi, Amber and the kids.  We went through Cottonwood and I saw where Sheryl taught school for 13 years.  Then we drove to Pine Bluff to see where she lived for over 20 years.  The drive gave me insights on Sheryl that might have taken years otherwise. It was a good morning.  We finally got to Levi’s house in Chico around 10:30.  We had just enough time to  get in and say our hellos when we had to go to the Chico Farmers market in downtown.  They have it every Thursday night and Saturday morning.  This time of year it is not nearly as full and plentiful as it is in the spring and summer, but it had plenty of stuff.

The market was incredible.  It is certified local and organic.  They had every green you could imagine there.  They also had fresh raw nuts and mushrooms.  There were some different Indian foods as well as other oriental dishes.  As I looked around the market I couldn’t help but think of Lisa and how much she would like it here.  It was a pretty cold and blustery morning and it was cold when we were walking around.  After the market we walked through downtown and it was very nice and sort of eclectic.  Then we went and walked around the campus of Chico State.   It’s a beautiful campus .  There are about 19000 students, so it isn’t that small.  However it does have the small time feel that the school needs to really thrive. We then toured the Bidwell Mansion.  It was really great too.  I knew that I was in the wrong place when I found saw a picture of General Sherman in his office.  It seems that Bidwill and Sherman were really close friends.  I guess you could say that I am not in the south anymore.
We had lunch downtown and it was great too.  Then we came home and we played this game on X – Box.  It’s really Xbox Konnect and has sports games.  It’s a lot of fun and the boys and I did it for a long time.  Then we were able have a great time tonight with the movie.  I really do like Chico, and I can see why Sheryl would like it more than Redding.  I’ll know more tomorrow.  I’m running the 5K race and Amber is running the half marathon.  It will be fun except for the cold in the morning,  Anyway it should be fun.  Yes, I could definitely see myself living here if that is what we were called to do.  It looks like a great day tomorrow and I am sure that Papa is going to show me something during the race.  

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