Monday, November 21, 2011

A Week Off

Wow, it’s good to be home tonight.  We have this week off for Thanksgiving and there is no school tonight or tomorrow.  We also have no staff meetings, so I was able to get some much needed work done around the house today and I also got out to do a run.  Then we were able to get over to see Dad and Allene for a little while.  So all in all, it was a very good day.  I do work early tomorrow, but that is the only time I work this week.  I guess we have to begin to get ready for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.  We are having about 16 people over.  Lacey, Scott and the kids and also Hector, Terri and their family along with a few students that don’t have anywhere to go for thanksgiving.  It should be a good day.  Still I wish I could see all the kids.  But that is impossible.

The holidays are fast approaching and it’s hard to believe it will be Christmas so soon.  What to get everyone, that is the question.  I know that in many ways the holidays are going to be different.  Last Christmas, I was able to get the whole family together.  We needed that and it was so good.  This year we will be scattered, and I know that it will be harder for the girls not to be together.  It will be harder for me too, but we will get to see them both.  They won’t be able to spend time together.  I am going to ask Lisa to make the coconut cake for Christmas while we are there, but it won’t be the same without Jennifer being there too.

Well, I don’t have anything profound to say tonight, just thinking about amily and Christmas.  I do have an A period in the morning, so I think that I will go to bed and get at least 5 hours sleep.  Maybe I will be more inspired tomorrow.

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