Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Settling in, Finally

Well, I’m sitting here in my rocking chair by the fireplace listening to Judy Collins, so things are slowly getting back to order.  I give Sheryl most of the credit for this.  I am definitely not the one to build any kind of a nest.  But I still enjoy it once it is built.  The great room is pretty well finished.  It has pictures on the walls and all the furniture is in place.  The only thing that I need to do is to get the sound system for the TV hooked up.  But I have to buy the replacement speakers and figure out how I am going to do that.  It might take a while.

The Master Bedroom is almost finished, office desk and all.  We still have a couple of pictures to hang, but the big mirror has been hung and looks good.  All our clothes are unpacked and everything there is pretty well situated.  The dining room is almost finished as well.  We still have to hang pictures there and then it be finished as well.  The Kitchen, now that could be a blog post in itself.  We have lots of stuff and very few drawers, but things are still beginning to come together.  The biggest problem is deciding what to keep and what to put in the basement and what to give away.  We had duplicates of many things, and we both liked our own things.

Yes, the kitchen, that is the place where it was possible for us to maybe have a fight.  But calmer heads prevailed.  Basically I just told Sheryl to choose what she wanted.  Ther were only a couple of exceptions.  She did a great job bring in the best of both houses, and I really think that she did a great job.  There weren’t many other areas where we had different opinions, except maybe the great room originally.  We have a lot of furniture, but this room is really big, so most all of our furniture fit.  The hardest part was coordinating where it would go, but we finally agreed to an arrangement that is really good.  It will seat a lot of people, or can be divided into two seating groups if need be. 

Yes, we are settling in.  The biggest job that I still have is trying to clean out the basement.  Where am I going to put my pressure washer and shop vac.  The basement doesn’t have an outside entrance.  I might put the pressure washer under the house if it will go there.  The shop vac will have to go in the basement.  But there are many other decisions like that to make the right choices on.  The garage is big, but I need to get it cleaned out enough to hold my Harley, two cars, a refrigerator and a golf cart.  I think it will, but we really have to work on it.  So, that is my next project.  Hopefully I will be able to get it done before Thanksgiving.  We will see.

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