Sunday, July 31, 2011

Moving; or Standing Still?

This morning we had a special message from one of our own at Bethel Atlanta. Sherri Lewis was in second year when I started my first year at BASSM. Sherri is an afro – American female who was living the American dream. She had an Ivy League education and was a Doctor at the peak of a career. She should have been happy, but she was miserable. Why? God had gotten hold of her and He wanted her to live out a Kingdom dream. It takes courage to walk away from what everyone else think is a great life to follow your dreams, but Sherri did. First, she became an author and has published at least 4 books. But that wasn’t enough; she wound up at BASSM, searching for her dreams and destiny. Now, just the next year after finishing her 2nd year at BASSM, Sherri has founded the BASSM of Cameroon, Africa. She had over 40 graduates in the first year. Sherri is a Revivalist, and she is going to take nations. Why? Because she had the courage to risk it all, to give up what she knew to go out into the unknown because God placed it on her heart.

But this post isn’t about her, although she inspired it. No, it’s about you; it’s about me. It’s about what we are doing to partner with Papa to see our dreams fulfilled and our destiny revealed. Sherri repeated a phrase at least four times today, and it got my attention. “If you are still doing the same thing in six months that you are doing today, then you aren’t moving forward toward your dreams. “ No, she really said that if we were at the same place, then she was going to beat us with the microphone. So, take stock of your life right now. Where are you? Have you moved off of the place you were six months ago? Personally, I can answer yes; at least for this six months. There were some periods when I couldn’t answer that with a yes, and those were not very happy times in my life.

Today I am very happy, but today I am moving forward in so many fronts. What about you? What are your dreams? What would you be doing if you were ten times bolder and money was no object? Once you get that answer, you need to go after it. That is your dream and your destiny. Your purpose brings with it a new identity. We need to know what God is saying in order to know what we should be doing, but it all flows out of intimacy and love. We have to really understand His love for us in order to minister back to Him. We need to believe that God can do what He says He will do. We must realize that He is our biggest cheerleader and He wants to see us succeed. So, tonight I challenge both you and myself with this. Are you moving forward, or are you stuck in the same place? If you are stuck, then ask Him to show you how to get unstuck. Tonight is July 31, 2011. Where do you want to be Jan 31, 2012. It can happen, look at Sherri.

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