Friday, July 8, 2011

Kingdom Living

I learned a great deal last week about Kingdom Finances. Right now, I am trying to begin to integrate everything that I learned into my life. But really, the most important thing I learned was something that I really already knew, but had never applied to my finances. God is really the source of all things. Of course I know that! I’ve preached it for years. I know that in order for healing or salvation or anything to take place, it has to be from Him. I know in my mind that the same thing applies to finances, but in my heart, where it really counts. It might not have been so clear.

Many of us, especially in America, are like the “rich young ruler”. We have everything we need, and many things we want. We love God and obey His commandments. But He wants more. Oh, He wants our money. That’s what I thought the parable was about. I have always thought that the parable was about how being rich would make it hard to be saved. It does in many ways, but that is not what the parable is really about. The problem with the rich young ruler was not his wealth, but what he thought the source of his wealth was.

God is the source of our wealth. God is the source of everything good in our lives and we need to understand that. Sure He uses things like our job and other events, but as long as we realize that He is in control, then we can hold everything loosely. If the rich young ruler had realized that God was the source, then he would have gladly given up everything, knowing that God could restore all things. Abraham in many ways is like the rich young ruler. But Abraham realized that God was the source of His blessing. He knew that if God took Isaac, He could also restore him.

We need to realize that no matter how rich we are, how many blessings we have, God is the source. He uses many things, but ultimately He is the source and once that really sinks into our spirits, then it doesn’t matter what He calls us to do. He will provide and make a way where there is no way. It has taken me many years to understand this. The parable was there all the time, and I never really understood it. The source of all our anointing is from Him. We need to be praying for anointing in finances just like we pray for anointing in healing. They are from the same source. We get each the same way. I have changed how I look at money and finance. This past week has done that. I am praying for Him to release an anointing to restore what has been taken over the years. I suggest that you begin to look at everything you do as ministry, because it all is. He will give you the anointing if you ask. He is so good and He loves to give gifts to His kids

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