Friday, July 29, 2011

Sunshine? Well Almost

Sometimes it does pay to stay longer. Although it was not the primary reason we stayed, the weather cooperated today and we had the best day we have had weather wise. The sun even peeked through the clouds a couple of times today. The visibility was improved and we could see all the mountains and the glacier from long distances. The weather forecast was for 100% chance of rain, and we only had sprinkles a couple of times during the day. But I guess the weatherman was technically accurate, it did rain. Anyway, it sure was great to hike in dry weather.

Tonight we drove around to see more of Juneau in the clear weather. We took a short hike through this field that is full of these purple flowers called fireweed. They are all over right now and they are beautiful. They give so much color to what would normally just be different shades of green. But isn’t Papa like that. Just throwing random color splashes to brighten up your spirit. I know that He has done that for us this week. It is so much fun to be hugged by Anna Roan, or to have Julia come up and grab me by the hand pulling me where she wants me to go and do something for her. In some ways, it must be how Papa feels when we come after Him to help us, or just to love Him.

It’s funny, but it seems like the weather here has been a symbol of how life is. Sometimes we have periods of nothing but sunshine and fair skies. It’s times like these where we feel that nothing could go wrong. Then there are periods of time where it seems like life is nothing but rain, clouds and nothing that can pull us together. These times are always stressful, and they seem like they are never going to end. And the forecast is for more of the same. Depression sets in, and all you can think about is what tomorrow will look like. But the forecast doesn’t change and you can’t see anything more than what you have.

But then you see it; sunshine. This glimpse of hope doesn’t totally wipe out the despair, but it does release more hope. When you see the sun again, more hope arises. This continues to grow until you realize, finally, that the forecast is wrong. There is a chance that things can turn around. Life is about hope. Life is about glimpses of sunshine and believing that the sun will actually come out. Life is about passionately enjoying where you are right now and not looking back to what might have been. Yes, in many ways, the weather we experience does mimic life. For that we should be grateful, and show mercy to those around us who still haven’t seen the sun break through.

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