Thursday, July 14, 2011

The General

Today we took Judah and Ava to the Kennesaw museum to see the General and all the civil war stuff. We also got to see a short movie on "The Great Locomotive Chase". As I watched the movie, I remembered all about the race to the border, along with the story of Andrew's Raiders and their I'll advised attempt to destroy the railroad lines from Atlanta to Chattanooga. It was a familiar story, but as I listened to it again I begin to see some new insights.

The story is primarily about two men: James Andrews, a union spy, and William Fuller, the conductor of the General. These men, though enemies because of the war, were very much alike. Both were dedicated to their cause. Andrews wound up being hung for his dedication. Fuller, on the other hand was praised and celebrated as a hero of the Confederacy. It was only Fuller's determination that kept Andrews and his men from succeeding in their mission.

Passion and determination, two qualities that we all need if we are to succeed in life. I know i have passion, but determination? Yes, I think I have it most of the time, but certainly not all of the time. In the Bible, When in the of a person with passion and determination, I think most of Paul. He was probably one of the most determined men I have ever read about, but so full of passion about everything in life.

Taking a line from Paul, we need to keep our eyes on the prize if we are to maintain passion and determination. The prize is always the kingdom, it is always Jesus. If we keep our focus on Him, then passion and determination will flow out of us easily. Yes, it was the passion and determination of William Fuller that stopped Andrews raiders from being successful. But James Andrews had just as much passion and determination himself. So much in fact, that his men were the first to ever receive the Congressional Medal of Honor.

As I reflect on these men's lives, along with that of the apostle Paul, I desire more passion and more determination in my life.

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