Saturday, July 30, 2011

Home Again

Well, here I am again on an airplane. We made the 6am flight from Juneau to Seattle and were fortunate enough to get on the 11:40 flight to Atlanta. So we should arrive around 8:15 tonight. Traveling east really eats up the day. Oh well, it's back to church tomorrow morning and packing for Chicago. Monday morning it will be off to Jesus Culture to help man the table to promote our school. Sheryl will be staying home with Scott and Lacey's kids. I'll be home sometime on the 4th. Then that will be the last of the traveling unless we can work out a few days in Ft Lauderdale. I hope so.

So, what did I learn in Alaska? What truth did Papa want to reveal to us? I don't think there was just one. I think that there a couple, and they are related. First, never forget that what Sheryl and I carry consist of a deep inheritance that each of us have gone after. For me, I was given an inheritance from my mom and dad. But I had to do something with it. Just sitting on it would never expand it so that our kids could benefit. I know that Julia and I did that. It cost a great deal, but in reality the cost was nothing compared to the Cost that He paid to give it to us in the first place. In many ways I am just realizing the inheritance that I carry now. It is something that is transferable. Sheryl carries the same inheritance from God. It's something that she has chosen to steward at much cost over her life. The funny thing is, that both inheritances compliment each other and make each other stronger. But what is an inheritance for if not to give away?

So, I believe that we were able to leave both a father's and a mother's blessing with Lisa and Hernan. I know that with that blessing they have a chance to establish roots in the rocky soil of Juneau. I know that they have found a place. I sense that they have really found "their land". We are both asking Papa to show them their destiny and give them strategies on how to live it out. They truly do love each other and I know that the girls have two parents that love them dearly. That alone is a good foundation for new beginnings in a new land. They have moved so much in the past 10 years, I really pray that they will be able to put down deep roots.

Another thing that I learned from our time in Juneau is that we have been called to help restore what has been stolen from others. No, I'm not talking about finding money. What I am talking about is calling out the gold in people and setting them forth on their destiny. I'm not quite sure how this works yet. It's not Sozo, although Sozo plays a part. It's not even inner healing. I really think it is living life and speaking prophetically over people. If it sounds nebulous, it is. But I believe that is how dreams and ministries are formed. So we will continue to press into Him and allow Him to form what it is that we are supposed do.

So, we leave Juneau knowing that we left a legacy of love with the kids. I just wish that they were closer so that they could get to know Sheryl more. But over time they will. As I walked around Juneau I had to bless Lisa and Hernan. Like many pioneers before them, they are in an unknown land looking to forge out life and dreams. Dreams, they dare to dream and as long as they do that, they will succeed. It's the same for all of us, at any age. It still comes down to looking forward and not looking back. Focusing on what can be, not what has been. God is in our dreams! Keep dreaming!

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