Saturday, July 16, 2011

Grace, It's Bigger Than You Think

This morning I listened to a sermon on grace by Eric Johnson. It was a very good sermon, but in it he used an example that has had me thinking about grace all day. He talked about how everyone could accept the grace to be saved. It was important, but it by itself really didn’t give a true picture of the grace of God. Then he used this example.

Suppose you were 50,000 dollars in debt and one day a friend came by and gave you 10,000 dollars. You would be overwhelmed, but you knew you could use the money to pay off your debt. Then the next day he came back with 10,000 more. He came back the next and the next. Pretty soon, all of your debts would be paid off, and you would be in the black. But the friend kept coming and every day gave you 10,000 more dollars. Think about it for a minute. Your debts were paid off and you had money to live. You would probably want him to stop and give it to someone else. You would think that would be the right thing to do. After all “you didn’t need it anymore”.

That’s what we do with God’s grace. Everyday, His grace is there for us. It’s the same as when we were saved. It’s just as we become “more mature” we don’t need it. Or that’s what we have been taught. In reality, we need His grace every day of our lives. It’s His grace that causes us to live in abundance. We are to live the abundant life. We can only do it in His grace.
So all day long I have been thinking about what life would look like if we received His grace every day. I think that our intimacy in Him would grow exponentially. I think that we would live in such an abundance of His grace that we couldn’t help but give it away every day. We would truly become dispensers of that grace. That’s what I want to be. I want to be so caught up in His love and grace that all I want to do is love Him and give His love away.

We can only give out of the overflow and if we don’t receive when we have much, then we want have anything to give. So yes, we need to receive His grace every day of our lives, so that we can live the abundant life that He called us to live.

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