Monday, July 25, 2011

Arrived In Juneau

Well, it has been another long day on airplanes, but at least not as long as the trip to Australia. Today was about 7 and a half flying hours, but we missed toe first flight into Juneau from Seattle, so it was about an extra hour and a half on the ground. It was a total time of almost 12 hours from the time we started in the morning until the time we were picked up at the Juneau airport. So, here I am at 2AM eastern, trying to write about my day.

First, even though the rain and clouds hid a lot of it, the beauty of the area is overwhelming. The mountains and the glacier along with the channel and the river bring ocean and water along with the wild of the woods right up to your door. We are staying in a cabin. It is a log home I think. It has tongue and groove walls and ceiling. There is a wood-burning stove in the great room. It is two bedrooms and one bath. In the yard there are wild blueberries growing along with some other edible berries. Everything is dark green.

But as beautiful as everything is, probably the most beautiful thing that I saw today was the faces of the kids and grandkids when we first saw them at the airport this afternoon. Of course, they were definitely excited to see us, and we were excited to see them. It’s very late tonight, and I am not going to write any more. But I have expectations about this week. I really want God to show up in my family while I am hear. I want the grandkids as well as Lisa and Hernan to bond with Sheryl, and I want to make some memories to take back to Atlanta. I know it is going to be a good few days. The real question is whether Sheryl and I can keep up with Anna Roan and Julia. I think so, but I ‘m not certain. I guess time will tell.

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