Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Love Came Down

As I started to write tonight I put on Love Came Down again. I listened to this album for almost every night for a year after Julia Died. This album was used by Holy Spirit to draw me to Him even in my grief. So, tonight I was wondering what feelings it might stir up. I almost didn’t play it, not wanting to bring up old feelings, but instead I pressed into the album, seeking with Holy Spirit to search out what He wanted to show me. I’m so glad I did.

First He showed me how much He loves me, and how much He has been with me each and every day. He showed me how that the past year and a half was a part of me, but didn’t define me. In fact He showed me how that this past year and a half has been used as a springboard into the next season of my life. It’s sad when I see people who are defined by loss rather than by the hope of the future. I am being defined by hope, not fear or loss. Everything I need is in front of me. Life is really just beginning again. The good news is that I can bring everything that is with me forward. I can also use the past as my heritage that will help mold the future.

As love came down played, I realized once again that Sheryl is a gift to me from Papa. His love came down and has manifested itself for me in her. So this album is stirring up feelings of joy and hope, not grief and loss. I am a blessed man, and I know that Papa has watched over my family and myself through this time. My future is really in His love, and I will always be reminded of it by the love that she gives to me. I can see His face as I hear these songs.

So, yes, I am so glad that His love came down. It came down to wash over me and to heal me. It came down to prepare me and to release me. His love came down to set me free and send me out once again into the world. So as I listen to this album tonight, I do it with a since of awe of His love, and a gratitude for what I have had in the past. But I mainly listen to it with an excitement of all that is to come in the future. I can see all of His beauty. Life is about passion and faith. You have to have faith to have passion because without faith, it’s hard to hope. Tonight, this album once again showed me the faith and passion that I have stored up inside. It is a well of His presence, and I am so grateful that over these many months, He has been digging it deeper and filling it fuller.

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