Sunday, June 5, 2011

Vineyard Days

Today I helped Sheryl teach a basic Sozo training at the Marietta Vineyard. It was the first time that I had spoken in a Vineyard Church in about 16 years. It was an honor to be there and to speak to them. The Vineyard is a big part of my heritage, especially in the area of small groups and in gifts of the Spirit. John Wimber is still one of my Spiritual Fathers of the Faith. Even though I only saw him live a few times, his teachings and all that he was doing in the church has impacted my life like few men have. So to be there today speaking at the Vineyard was like things opening up from the past.

It’s funny, because the first home group ever for the Marietta Vineyard was in our house in probably late 89. Probably no one who was there in that group is left, but it was the founding pastor and a few others. So it was good to see a thriving church really going after the things of the Spirit again. Anyway, I got to speak blessings over the house and the people so it was good. Then I taught on the curse that the Buddhist monks made against all of our troop’s in Vietnam. The curse was threefold: 1)That the American Soldiers would become wandering men for the rest of their lives. 2)That they would never find peace. 3)That they would be angry men and women for the rest of their lives

I don’t know how many people realize how true these curses are to what has happened to many Vietnam Vets. Just from dealing and ministering to homeless men in Atlanta, it’s unbelievable the high percentage of them who are Vietnam Vets. Most of them are wanderers, without peace and very angry. When you see what I have seen, you begin to recognize the spiritual significance of all that is going on, and the curse these men are living under. The church didn’t recognize it as a spiritual problem and the government didn’t have the capability to fix it. But Jesus died on the cross not only for our sins, but also any curses that we have had to walk through.
So, it’s just a matter of appropriating what He has already done in our lives. We do the same thing when we receive healing or salvation. It’s no difference. He has beaten the odds and wants us to join Him. So , tonight we play for love and connection. So anyway, I prayed to break any curse off people, especially Vets. A s you know, I think that there were three. It should give itself a plenty of thought, and then a new love. God likes it hot.

After my teaching, we went around for questions. We had some good questions and answers. The Holy Spirit once again led the discussion and answers. I’m looking forward to more times of teaching with Sheryl. This was a great time, but I am ready for a couple of days off.

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