Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Divine Justice

I got a really neat Father's Day gift from all the kids yesterday. It was a bracelet from James Avery jewelers. It has a leather band and it is pounded polished steel with two words engraved on it. The two words are "Divine Justice". I am wearing It as a reminder of what it is that I am going after in these days.

God is so good, and He has given me such a special gift in Sheryl. He can turn tragedy into triumph. He truly does work things out for good that the enemy meant for evil. But just because things turn out good, that doesn't take away our responsibility to go after divine justice for what the enemy has stolen. The enemy stole a wife, mother, friend, lover from me, and I will not ever stop going after a seven fold return on what has been taken. I have already seen some results as we have prayed for others near death from pneumonia and seen them miraculously healed.

Going after divine justice for what was taken in no way lessens or diminishes what God has done to give me healing and restoration. I am not living in the past. Those who know me realize that I am pressing into the future and reaching for a new destiny in Him. Sheryl and I have a destiny that is unbelievable. Only He can make it happen and He will. But at the same time in healing and in all other ministries, we can and we will keep pressing for more. I have a right. That right will not be denied. I am demanding and declaring a seven fold return on what was taken.

So, in scripture and in life ,we live in the tension of paradoxes. How can I continue to go after divine justice from the loss of one wife while I am about to go into a marriage relationship with another. Sure, in the natural, that might seem odd. But in the spiritual, it makes perfect sense. I can look ahead and love passionately while at the same time fight passionately for what I have lost. It's really easy, we do it all the time, face forward, but embrace the past. It can be done, and I will do it as long as I have breath.

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