Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Here is a question. When you got up this morning, did you wish Father God Happy Feather's Day? If you are like me, you will have to answer no. I didn't even think about it until Scott asked us at church this morning. Then he gave us time to do it. You know, I think it opened me up to a deeper level of worship this morning. I found myself being so thankful. I was thankful for my daughters and son-in-laws. I was thankful for my grandchildren and all their love. I was thankful for my family; my Dad and Allene, my sisters, nieces and nephews. It was as if during worship Papa had given me a gift. The gift to see how blessed I am.

But he showed me another level of blessing that I am just now walking into. He showed me the gift of love that He has given me in Sheryl. Not only her love, brut the love of a whole other family. A family that I will bless, but also will bless me. As I worshiped, I was overwhelmed by such a deep and abiding love. Don't you know that when you are thankful, you open yourself to a much deeper level of the experience of His love and mercy. So that's how my day began, basking in His deep love.

Father's day is usually an OK day. Nothing great, but not bad. As day's go, it is usually not too high on my list. That is probably because my birthday is so close. But today was significant in many ways. First, all the family was together in my house and we had such a good time at dinner. Second, we were all, extended family, together today at Gil's and Lisa's. It was another passing of the torch. I can remember when all the family gatherings were at mom and dad's. Then one day, it wound up that we had it. I remember mom telling Julia that the torch had been passed. It was up to us to keep the family together. Well, it happened again today, and I am going to officially relay that to Gill. They did an awesome job hosting and it was great to have all my children and nieces and nephews together again.

Dad had a great Father's Day and I was so happy that all the kids and grandchildren were there. I know that he really loved seeing us all together. Don't you know that our heavenly Father loves the same thing. He gave us freedom of choice so that we would choose Him. How could He love us any more? So I leave you with this: Every day is really Father's Day, because we should honor and love Him so much that we just want to celebrate His goodness. Yes, He is a good Papa and He Is in a good mood.

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