Friday, June 17, 2011

The Green Hornet

It’s always good to laugh. Especially when you can laugh with your family. I really don’t get to do that very often, so tonight was a special treat. I rented “The Green Hornet” not knowing anything about the movie. I figured that it would be an action packed science fiction movie about a cartoon character that I grew up reading about. It was that, but so much more. This movie was either so bad or it was so bad that it was good. It all depends on who you are watching it with, and what your expectations were. Well, I was watching it with my granddaughters and my expectations were to have fun. So I had fun. We laughed at all the corny stuff that other times I would have cringed over. We had popcorn and laughed some more. Even when we knew what was going to happen, we laughed anyway. Our expectation was to have fun, and that was what we had. Fun and more fun.

Isn’t that how life is? Don’t we usually get what we expect? It is my experience over all these years that we normally do get what we expect. But why is that? I believe it is a spiritual law, just like the law of gravity. When we expect something to happen, it normally does. So it is very important that we see through eyes of the Kingdom, and not our own eyes. If I expect to be happy, I usually am. If I expect to be healthy, I usually am. I know people who have expected to die of cancer, and guess what? They did. Expectancy is big in the spiritual realm. I really believe that it is a major spiritual law.

I know that when we expect Holy Spirit to move in healing and miracles that seem to unlock a door that allows Him to move in those areas. When we expect Him to show up in a service, He normally does. If we expect Him to be silent, then it is as if we had locked Him in a cage. That is something that I have learned over the past two years at BASSM. We have to expect Him to show up. We have to step out on the limb, knowing that if He doesn’t show up, we will fall off. But He loves that in us. He loves it when we make Him show up to save us. I think that He loves us because He sees how much we really trust Him to do all that He has called us to do.

So sure, The Green Hornet was really not very good, but we expected to have fun with each other, so we did. We expected to laugh, but not this much. It was great and I am so happy that we were able to spend the time together laughing and talking about this corny movie. It has been a good day, and it will be a better tomorrow.

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  1. We watched yesterday also. Corny is the right word but I love to see people stepping out even if they are not so good.