Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Missed One!

Wow, I really must have been tired last night. I worked an early morning period and the was busy all day. I had a scheduled telephone interview at 9PM and that lasted until 9:45. Then I called Sheryl for a few minutes. After I talked to her I just went to bed. I didn't even think about the blog, and I didn't take out my contact lenses either. I still can't believe that I didn't even think about it. That is the first time that has happened since I started it. The more that I think about it, the better I think it is that I forgot. At least I know that it is not an obsession with me. But I want to apologize to anyone of you who tried over and over to read it.

I'm sitting in the terminal at Charleston SC, waiting to ride the jump seat back to Atlanta. I worked an early period this morning and I rode the jump seat over here a few minutes ago. It's another long day, but I have to work this in. I hopefully will land and then be home by 8PM. I do have another early period tomorrow. That is why I am writing this now.

This week is about to get crazier. All Sheryl's and my families will be coming into town starting tonight. Tomorrow I meet her son Levi and his family. Jennifer and Sean drive in tomorrow night and Lisa and Hernan come in on Saturday night. I will spend a few nights over with John and Biddie because the house will be full. Sunday is Fathers Day and then we have a big family party on Tuesday night. All the kids will meet Sheryl and both families will meet each other. Then on Thursday we are scheduled to go on a trip to Australia. So there is a lot going on. No wonder I forgot.

Oh well, I do intend to try to keep writing, and if I can’t write much, I will just write a little. As I look at my life, I am just so blessed. I‘m blessed to have a family who loves me, no, two families that love me because I know that will happen. I’m blessed to have had such a wonderful wife for 38 years, and I am blessed that Papa has given me a gift in Sheryl. She is a gift that He has used to open my heart to love once again. I am blessed with good health and a passion and zest for life that many people much younger than me do not have. I am so blessed to have a ministry that is helping equip and release the next generation into their destiny as Revivalist and releasers of the Kingdom. So, even though this is a very busy week, I am excited to know that Aslan is on the move, and that I am a part of His army. I am excited about what the next season of life will bring. The cork is about to be pulled out of the bottle and I am sure that it is a very good vintage.

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