Sunday, June 19, 2011

Full House

Today has been a great day. Adair, Sean and myself went out around 6AM to run at Kennesaw Mt. We actually ran the Kolb Farm Loop. It is a loop in the middle of the park. The last time that I ran that particular loop was in October of 2009 with Lisa. That is when I fell and separated my shoulder at the AC joint. It took months to heal, and it was just about healed when Julia passed away. As I look back, my running has suffered ever since. I don't really think I had any problem with fear, it's just that I haven't really had the opportunity to run there.

Anyway, today's run was good in more than one way and I am so glad that I got to do that. So the rest of the day was spent shopping and preparing for the party Tuesday night. I did get by Dick's Sporting goods and was able to buy some new running shoes. I have been needing some for awhile.

Lisa, Hernan, Anna Roan and Julia arrived about 8:30 and we have had a full house. It is unbelievable having everyone sitting around the table. On so many levels it is so good to have them home. This is the first time that they have all been here since Julia was born. Having all the kids running throughout the house really is fun. Being able to see Jennifer and Lisa along with Sean and Hernan is a special treat. But it was really special because I got to introduce them to Sheryl. It was just such a good time at well.

Tomorrow is Fathers Day. I can't think of a better present than the one that I have just have been given. All my family. Wow, that's exciting. It is going to be fun seeing everyone run around the house and the park. I can just imagine that that is just what Papa is thinking. He must love to watch when we play nice together. I know He must love us so much more than we could ever love our kids, and I think that I am a great dad and really do love my kids. So tomorrow is Fathers Day. I can't wait.

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