Sunday, June 12, 2011

Coffee on the Dock

I don't know of anything nicer than to have a good cup of coffee and watch the sun come up. We did this this morning on the dock. We had coffee and sat listening to he ducks, geese and frogs as the sun slowly came up over the trees. The lake was very still and peaceful and it was just a glorious morning. It was a great time to worship God and marvel at all tat He has created.

In fact it was a perfect Sunday in many ways. No, we didn't go to church, but we had church as we sat around the breakfast table talking about the goodness of God and prophesying over each other. We also worshiped as we listened to Jesus Culture. Even tonight as we took a boat ride at sunset, we were worsHiping God and marveling about the beautiful sunset that He had created. Bud had his camera out and was able to get great pictures of this sunset.

So tomorrow we go back home. I have a lot to do before the kids come in at them end of the week. I have 4 A periods to work. That's 4 3AM getups in a row, so I know I will be tired as he week progresses. But Jennifer, Sean and the girls come into town on Thursday night and then Lisa, Hernan and the girls drive in on Sat night. It's going to be a great week. I am so glad that we will all be together for a little while.

It has been a great weekend and it has gone by way to fast. Bot life moves quickly, especially right now. I have a lot going on and a lot to do in the next two weeks, so this weekend was a welcome and timely break. God is good, and His creation is amazing. Yes, it has been a great day, and it started with coffee on the dock. We should have time to do that again tomorrow morning. I hope so.

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