Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 228 - The Adventure Begins

It was another short night last night. But I did get a power nap in this afternoon, so I am feeling pretty good. Tonight was another Night of Healing Prayer at RiverStone. It was as much fun as always. It’s always fun when you are used by Him to release healing and hope to the sick and hopeless. This is really what life is all about. Whether it’s praying for the homeless and feeding them lunch or praying for someone at Wal-Mart of at church it doesn’t matter. What matters is that I am in His will co laboring with Holy Spirit to bring down heaven on earth. Tonight was a time of praying, declaring and releasing the Kingdom of God upon the earth right here at RiverStone. It was a time of releasing the love of the father and bringing hope into situations that have no hope otherwise.

I was able to work this morning and then spend some good quality time with my Dad after work. It was a blessing just to be able to talk and share our hearts together. I know that my blog has allowed him a window into my heart that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible, and I am blessed that we can connect on an even deeper level. I am in the “calm before the storm.” I finished work this morning and I don’t work again until the 2nd of September. Starting tomorrow and going until Sunday evening I have the Motorcycle course up in Cartersville. It should be fun, and hopefully I will do all right. I go see Lisa next weekend, and then work, school and travel all pick up. Counting my days in Norfolk, I will be out of town about 14 days this month. That means I will be in town 16 days and I work 14 of those days and I start school and outreach three days a week. Yes, busy is not even close. But I am so excited and sooo ready for school.

Tonight I got an email from the guy at the cemetery that handles the grave markers. We have been working on a monument for Julia’s grave. I’ve basically decided on everything except the wording on the plaque. I’ve changed it three times after getting input from Jennifer and Lisa and other friends. But I think I’ve got it nailed down now. Unless Jenifer or Lisa has any things to add it will read: “ Julia A. Roan. Loving Wife, Mother, Nana and Friend. I think that covers most of the rolls that she played in life. This has been really hard to do, and I will be glad to get it finished. It should be installed in six to eight weeks. I guess I will go see it. So far in the past seven months I have been to the gravesite twice and I had to go work on this marker one of the times. I’m not really into graves or cemeteries at all. I might go there on the anniversary of her death, I just don’t know. She’s not there; it’s a pretty place though. I really have mixed feelings about the whole thing. That’s why I wanted my ashes scattered on a few different locations. Now, I guess I will have at least some of them buried next to Julia since I have that place.

Tomorrow will be an adventure. So will school when it starts. Australia will definitely be an adventure. September is going to be an exciting month. I hope it’s just the beginning of an exciting year. The motorcycle course should be fun, but who knows; I might take up skydiving again. I started it once and had one jump a long time ago. It might be time to pick it up again. I’ll have to see how much fun this course is first. Come back tomorrow and I will talk about day one on the course.

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