Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 218 - Invictus

Well it is very late considering that 3AM comes early. So no matter how long or short I write, this will be a short night. But that’s all right. I just finished “Dinner and a Movie with John, Biddie, Cathy and Bud. We had it here at the house, and I grilled chicken and onions. Biddie and John brought fresh peas and corn and salsa. But and Cathy brought a great salad. It was an excellent dinner and then we finished it off with the movie Invictus. I also made popcorn (organic) of course. WE had a great time. I really enjoyed myself and it was good to have other people in the house for a change.

When I was thinking about dinner this morning during work I thought that I would need to use the dining room. I knew that the breakfast table was too small for six. So I would sit the dining room table. I had thought that all day, then when I started to set the table I remembered there were only five of us. I had mentally been counting Julia with me. All I could do was smile and just tell her that I really wish she was going to sit at the table. So we wound up eating at the breakfast table because it’s much easier to clean and fix.

If you haven’t seen the move, it is definitely a “must see”. I think it is one of the most inspiring movies I have seen in a long time. It is also a true story which makes it that much more inspiring. Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon should have both won awards for their parts in the movie. I won’t give the plot away, but there were so many things that had such deep spiritual connotations. I have to see it again soon. In fact, this is one that I would really love to buy and keep.

Tonight was a great night. It is so much fun just to hang out with friends and talk, laugh and listen to each other. This is the kind of night that Julia loved. She never really liked to go out to parties or events. Both of us felt much more comfortable having friends over for a good dinner and great fellowship. She must have been happy tonight watching us. I know that she was happy that I was entertaining. Maybe I did learn something from her during all of those years. I was thinking this afternoon about that. I got home from work and was thinking about going for a short run. Then I started looking around. The table needed to be set and onions needed to be chopped before everyone came at 6. Also I needed to put peppercorns in the pepper grinder and salt in the salt grinder. There were just a lot of little things that needed to be done. There was really no time for a run. If Julia had been here, I would have taken the run because she would have taken care of everything.

Many times I am amazed at how blessed I was to have her for almost 39 years and how much she took care of me. I have had to learn a lot of things over the past seven months. I’m sure I have much more to learn as I adapt to this “new normal” that I am discovering. It is an adventure. I never know what I will need to discover next. It could be anything from something she left in the basement like the jewelry box or how to really fold fitted sheets. I used the garlic press for the first time last night when I made a marinade for the chicken. I’ve gotten better at remembering when to water the plants. I’m even thinking about expanding my cooking skills. My problem is a lack of time, so whatever I make, needs to be easy and quick. I know that when school starts, I will probably be out at least four nights a week. I get tired just thinking about it but I know that when the time comes everything will be OK.

Well, I know that there was not really a focus tonight except this. Tonight was fun, and we all need a little fun in our life. It was fun, but I still missed her. Goodnight.

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