Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 209 - Inception, the Second Time

Today was a good day. I slept in until around 8:30 and then had breakfast out on the deck. That is always a good way to begin the morning. I then washed some clothes and read part of my preschool homework. We have to read the book Strengths Finder 2.0. It is a secular leadership book that has you take this test that supposedly tells you your top five strengths. The premise is that you can go farther by enhancing your strengths than trying to strengthen your weak areas. There has been tremendous research in this area and this test is really supposed to be accurate. We will use the results next year at school with our “Life Coach”. He/She will help us to refine our ministries and help us reach the destiny that God has for us. Of course some of us have more years left than others, but I still have a good twenty, maybe more.

I was amazed at the results. It wasn’t that I was surprised, but that I felt the test really nailed me. My top five strengths are Strategic; Activator; Adaptability; Belief and Connectedness. After reading what they meant and how they were represented I felt that that test was unbelievably accurate. I’m excited and looking forward to seeing how we use the results this year. The test was totally secular, yet I could see how it fit in spiritually with my spiritual gifts. It’s like the natural talents are a reflection of my Spiritual gifts.

The rest of the afternoon was uneventful. I did get a 55-minute run in this afternoon. It was hot, but good to run outside rather than on the treadmill. I’m going to the 9AM service tomorrow morning so I will have more time to do some things around the house tomorrow afternoon. I really want have a lot of time for the next ten to twelve days to get a lot done, so I need to do as much as I can. Then late this afternoon, I went to see Inception again. It was just as good the second time, maybe better. I was able to follow the plot as it twisted and turned through dream after dream. I still could have alternative solutions to what is the real reality, but I will stay with the happy ending, at least until I see it again.

There were some key lines in the movie as it came to the lead character and His wife who had died. He had continued to hold onto her so tight in his memory that she became a part of everything he did. Finally at the end He told her that he missed her constantly and would always love her, but he had to let her go. He had to let her go to move back into the reality of his life. To move on, he couldn’t hold her so tight. I don’t think that is exactly where I am. I am not holding Julia so tight that I am losing touch with reality, but the words rang true. Especially this time, the second time that I have heard them. What that means and how that works out, I’m not sure. But I do know that the first part is true. I do miss her constantly and I will always love her. So the second part is probably true to some degree. I have to let her go to move on into reality. I am doing that. This blog is a big part of that process. Like I said last night, taking trips to places we went in the past is another part. I have to let Holy Spirit lead me into the other areas when He thinks the time is right.

So, I guess the movie probably affected me more than most people. But there are still so many layers of the plot and reality vs. dream life that it is fun to watch and then even more fun to speculate about. This is one that I will definitely purchase when it comes out on DVD. Tomorrow is Sunday and I am really looking forward to church. I missed last Sunday morning because of work. It should be fun tomorrow.

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  1. Tom, so here is a bit of some insider information - the man who created and spearheaded the strengthsfinder test was a Christian. When he first created it, 'Connectedness' was actually called 'Faith.' Because it was under a secular company - Gallup - things had to be modified. However, I definitely believe the Lord still uses it to show people how uniquely He created them.

    And, we share the first two strengths in common! I am strategic, activator, ideation, maximizer, and command.