Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 205 - Between the Trails

We left my house around 6 this morning and went straight to Starbucks. The drive up was easy. We stopped twice and made it by 11:30. After going to the store and unpacking, we were able to take the 1:30 tram up the mountain for the ride down. Dick and Judy were with us, but Terry, Patty, Brad and Brooke were all much later. The bad news is that they are working on the trail at the top end. We were only able to get up to Green Cove. That is about 2.5 miles from the top and we miss some of the prettiest riding. Don’t get me wrong; it’s still a very beautiful ride. Green Cove is an old station house that has been turned into a museum. We didn’t stop to look today, but I’m sure that we will look tomorrow. It was an interesting ride. About 2 miles into the ride John hit a washout and went tumbling. Praise God that he wasn’t hurt very badly. He did skin his leg and knee up pretty bad. But a group that was ahead of us had an EMT with them and he cleaned and bandaged John up very well. I know it had to hurt to continue, but John was the ultimate trooper and we continued. Then Dick had not one, but two flat tires. So it took us a long while to get down. Still it was a good ride, and I am looking forward to tomorrow.

As I sit in this house, then name is Between the Trails, I can see Julia almost everywhere. Out on the big porch, everyone is talking and laughing. I remember how much we enjoyed it last year. Today as I was riding down, I could almost feel Julia’s presence with me. I almost found myself talking with her. So today was as I expected. It was fun, but filled with memories. I found myself talking about how it was last year and what had changed this year. So I sit here, writing and remembering while everyone else is outside talking. I could be out there, and I’m not being unsociable. It’s just that right now, at least for tonight, I had rather be in here listening to love came down and remembering times past. Tomorrow will bring new memories and new fun, but right now, I just want to spend a little time reflecting on all the fun that we had.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not sad or upset in any way. It’s just that I think that tonight is one of those special times, at least for a few minutes, where I can be really close to her. I really love her, and I still do. These times are getting less and less, that’s why it is so important to just spend a few minutes alone. I sense that Holy Spirit is right here saying that this is a good thing. It’s OK just to slip away from friends for a little while.

Tomorrow we go into Abington. Some are going to take the tram in and ride back. I’m thinking about riding both ways. That will be about 34 miles. It’s doable, but will probably stretch me. We will stop by the vineyard on the way back tomorrow afternoon. It is a great location along the river. It iw very pretty and I am sure we will stop for a while there. Then Thursday we will come down the mountain again. It’s going to be a fun filled week. It will be busy. That’s why I’m glad that I have had time to spent here tonight. Well, I think that it is time to get back with the group. Goodnight Julia, it’s been a fun day.

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