Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 206 - Damascus to Abington

Our plan this morning was interrupted by a Thunderstorm and then rain that lasted for about an hour and a half. So we had to change our plans a little bit. We wound up doing something the way we did it last year. All of the girls except for Brooke took the tram to Abington with their bikes. The rest of us took the bikes to Alvarado about 9 miles from Abington and next to the Abington Winery. Then we rode into Abington and met up with the girls for lunch. Last year we found this great place for lunch at the end of the trail called the Trail CafĂ©. Well we went there for lunch today and it was great. Then we walked around Abington for an hour or so. They have a festival going on, and we went to a lot of booths. I was remembering about last year. Julia was shopping and I was not happy to be there. I remember I let her know that I was not happy and wasn’t very nice. But I did relent when she found something that she really wanted. It was a big metal bird feeder and it sits in our back yard now next to our swing. I remember that she was so happy to get it that I couldn’t be mad. I loved to see her happy, and I could never say no to her. Luckily, she wasn’t one to take advantage and to see her happy was just so pleasing to me.

Don’t you think that Papa is that way? Don’t you think that He wants to see us happy? How could He not? I want to see my girls happy. I wanted to see Julia happy. Of course seeing them happy is not always the same thing as giving them what they want. I don’t think of God as a giant vending machine that gives me everything I pull the knob for. Instead I thank of Him like the best dad. A dad who’s main desire is to see me happy and reaching my fullest potential. I mean if I am a representative of Him and that is what I want to do, how much more does He want to do it?

As we were riding on the trail today, I couldn’t help but glory in His goodness as we saw the wonder of His creation. As I looked at the river and the mountains; the fields of corn and of grass; just seeing the sunshine through the clouds; how could you not believe that He is real? All of His glory reflected in nature cries out for an acknowledgement of His love and His glory. His love is so strong here. We have been doing a lot of talking and sharing together. Julia’s name is never far from the conversation and that is a good thing. She was such a part of not only me, but all of us that to not talk about her would not be right. I’m OK. I am having a great time, and the memories are good. I haven’t had a bad moment. All the memories are good and need to be brought out. She was and is loved by all of us.

After the ride we stopped off at the Abington Vineyard. This has always been a highlight of the trip. We did some wine tasting and then we all went down by the river for a little picnic with some wine and cheese. I could remember the past two years, and how much fun we had. This year we also had fun; it’s just that Julia wasn’t there. I did remember her though. How could I not? Anyway, it was a great time and we all had fun. Tonight we ate at the house, and played some games. Everyone else is outside on the porch while I am writing this blog.

Our plan for tomorrow is to ride down the mountain tomorrow morning and go to the Harvest Table for dinner tomorrow night. I’m not sure about tomorrow afternoon. I might ride some, maybe to Alvarado and back. That is the only section that I haven’t ridden yet. This has been a good get away. I have had fun, and really enjoyed all of the past memories with Julia. So we will have to see what tomorrow brings. It sounds like they are back with ice cream and cookies. I think I’ll see what‘s going on.

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