Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day 111 - Graduation Day

I’ll get into all the fun and good things that happened today in a minute. But first I have to acknowledge that I just missed Julia soooo much today. I know that she had a front row seat, but that doesn’t take away the loneliness of not having her with me to celebrate and talk to. To be able to share my feelings of joy and excitement with her was so much fun. Not to have here by my side is painful very hard right now. I know that as I write tonight, the pain will ease, and the joy will increase. I’ve come to realize that this blog is so much of my life and heart. I know that I can talk about things as if I was talking to her, and the pain eases while joy returns. I know that when Papa told me to write, He knew this would be the case and I thank Him for the idea of doing this. I also realize form other emails and comments that this is having a healing effect on many others. For that I give Him the Glory. Well He really gets all the glory for it all.

So now, today had really been a good day. It started this morning with Healing Prayer training. Dr Andrews spoke on ministering to and praying for cancer patients. It was very good and led up to some possible outreach ideas that I want to pursue with Pastor Terry. I got to share about caring and releasing the Presence of God, and then we ended with a fire tunnel. It was fun, and well received. We are starting a new model in May. It will be very much like what they are doing on Saturday mornings in Redding. I’m excited in the fact that it will grieve the Holy Spirit more opportunity to work, and it will also accommodate more people. Last month was very crowded. We are out growing the way we have done it in the past. It truly is time for a change. Also we talked about Sunday Night. We have our monthly face down and the Healing team is in charge. We are going to get to pray, release prophesies and then end with a fire tunnel. It will be a fun night indeed.

My prayer for when I speak is always “come Holy Spirit”. If He shows up and the anointing flows, everything works great. If He doesn’t show up, all bets are off, and it can be a long evening. Well He showed up big time this morning, and I knew that He was going to show up tonight. I don’t know how others prepare for a talk. I am not the type that spends hours in preparation. I usually just let the talk percolate in my Spirit for a few days. Normally on my runs I will begin to get ideas, and God will begin to download parts of the message. As it comes I will write it down in outline form and then rearrange it to make sense. That way I have notes if the Holy Spirit doesn’t show up. If He does show up, then I have the outline to sort of guide me as necessary. I wasn’t worried about what I was going to say. I really felt that the Holy Spirit had downloaded enough for at least 30 minutes. No the hard part was cutting it down to seven minutes to fit in the guidelines. How could I cut out so much meat and still make sense. I wasn’t sure it was possible. Yesterday afternoon Holy Spirit began to do it. I came up with a clear concise message that last 7 minutes, I thought. I never really practice a message, so I really wasn’t sure how long it would take. Well, tonight the Holy Spirit showed up, and I preached exactly 7 minutes. I was shocked in one sense, but not in the other. I knew His presence and anointing would be there, I just wasn’t sure how the time would work out. I was amazed when I found out about the time.

His goodness is so amazing. It was such an honor to represent the first year students and to be able to speak on their behalf. It was such an honor to have Scott say all those kind words to me. It has been great getting to know Him and Lacey this year. I’m looking forward to getting to know them both more in the coming months. It was just good to see everyone tonight. I was blessed beyond belief.

As I look back, I have learned so much this year, so much about the things of the Spirit, but also so much about myself. I know much better the authority in the Sprirt that I carry. I know that God truly does want to use me, and just because I fail it doesn’t make me any less His son. He wants to use me in areas I don’t even understand yet. So here I am sitting in the rocker on a late Saturday, me a graduate of the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. I am looking forward to more of His presence being released, more passion and more fire. Life is really good and it’s going to get better, but I still miss Julia.

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