Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 115 - Long Travel Day

Well here we are in Norfolk VA. I left the house at 8AM and we got to the hotel a little after 3PM. A total of 7 hours, that’s flying and time at the airport. I could have driven it in a little over 10 hours. It’s no wonder that more people are driving these days. To be fair to the airlines, it wasn’t all their fault. I left early so that I could meet Lisa and Julia Anne at her gate when she got of the plane in Atlanta. It’s hard traveling with a 3 month old but Lisa did a great job, and I tried to help when I could. We are staying in Visiting Officer quarters on the Little Creek Naval Base. It’s right outside Norfold about fifteen minutes from the airport. It’s pretty nice, but the best thing is it has WiFi so I can sit here in the room and post my blog tonight.

As we were driving in this afternoon, I was missing Julia a little. I was thinking that if she were alive, she would probably be here instead of me. But really I am glad to be here; glad to spend time with Lisa and Julia Anne. Tomorrow we really get started. We have a 9:30 appointment; a 10:30 appointment and then we meet with another rental agent after lunch. If we don’t find anything, we have a couple set up for Friday morning. But I hope that we find what she is looking for tomorrow because these are the ones she really wants to see. So I should have a good idea by this time tomorrow night.

I started reading Danny Silk’s “A Culture of Honor” today on the plane. As I reflect on the last year in school, I can see how we have lived in that culture all year. But the culture needs so much to really thrive. It needs the proper governmental structure. We must be plugged into the Supernatural in order to see this culture thrive. I believe that this is what Tom is slowly doing at RiverStone, and I thank God for that. If we are to bring Community Transformation, we have to have the Supernatural released in our midst. Everyday people have to look and not understand. They have to seek an explanation so that they can encounter a God who really cares. We are going to see this. We already see it to some extent. We have to fight for more. I’m probably just like most people. I want it badly but am I really willing to pay the price. I think so, but one never knows until the bill comes due. But I have to move in faith. I know what I have done in the past, and I know there is so much more now, so yes, I think I will be able to go for the gold when the chips are down.

God is good, and I know that He didn’t send us here without having a plan. So my prayer for tomorrow has to be this: I pray that He would lead Lisa to the right place to live. That this would be a place where she would encounter her destiny. I do believe that this move is about her finding herself and her path. So I am asking for divine leading and divine intervention if necessary to make sure she is able to make the best decision. I pray for open doors and exciting encounters. I pay that I would be able to be used by You Papa. That I might reveal even more of the Father’s heart to my daughter and granddaughter tomorrow.

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