Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 117 - Mission Accomplished

Well, Lisa got the Condo in the area that she wanted. In my opinion it’s a good fit. It has 3 BR and 2.5 baths. You can walk to a nice playground and swimming pool. It’s near almost everything that they need. It’s about 15 minutes to work. It fits all her criteria that she was looking for. Now she just has to get the move scheduled and either sell or rent her house. So that is a big issue for prayer. I am praying that she would still be able to sell the house, but if not then be able to rent it for the right price to the right people. She really wants to sell it because it would clean up all the loose ends. But it might be best in the long run to rent it. That would give more time for the market to recover.
So having closed the deal on a place to live, we spent most of the day driving around and then walking around Virginia Beach. It is very nice. I know that they are going to love being close to it. They will probably be able to drive to it in about 45 minutes. It should be an easy day trip for them. The beach is very wide, and in the city there is about a three-mile concrete boardwalk and separate bike path. There are plenty of hotels and restaurants along the boardwalk. We spent the afternoon walking along the boardwalk. We had lunch at a restaurant there and all in all had a relaxing day. There is just so much to do in this area. Mobile in comparison seems like 30 years in the past. So I think that Lisa is definitely ready to make the change. That’s good, because it’s coming soon. I spent so much of my day, just like yesterday, focused on Julia Anne. It was really fun, and even though we were walking almost 4 miles, I wasn’t nearly as tired today. So tomorrow we leave on an afternoon flight. I’ll stop in Atlanta while Lisa and Julia continue on to Mobile. It’s been a fun 3 days, and I am so glad that Lisa found a place that she can enjoy living in.
So, what have I learned these last few days? I think that Father God must love us so much more than I can imagine. I love my girls, and my granddaughters. Which do I love more? I don’t know? I just love them all. I think that comes from the heart of God. Think about this for a minute: Father God has no grandchildren. He only has children. So he loves each of us like a son or a daughter. If I have His heart, my love for my grandchildren should be the same as my love for my children, there is no difference. So no wonder I can’t tell a difference between my love for my Daughters and my Granddaughters. There shouldn’t be any difference. What I can’t imagine is how much more He loves us. Our love can only imitate His. There is no way we can really understand his love. So tonight as I go to sleep, I want to just meditate on how much Papa loves me, and how good He is. I just want Him to reveal more of His goodness to me as I dig into His love. Today I just wanted to see Julia laughing and full of joy. I think we bring Him pleasure when we are laughing and full of joy too. I know that He doesn’t get frustrated like we do, but I remember how frustrating it was for me to do something for my girls and to see them totally disregard it, or wore yet, to still be ungrateful. I wanted to give them joy and when I couldn’t it frustrated me. When they did show joy, I was pleased. So how close am I to Father God? Probably not very close. But still, you know He has to enjoy it when we receive joy from what He does, and you have to think that He would not be happy when we blame Him for things He didn’t do. Maybe I’m being to simple. I don’t think so. He is a Good Dad and He does Good things for His kids. I’m sure He loves to see us joyful. We have a choice. I’ts ours, no it’s mine to make. I want to continue to choose to live a life of joy.

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