Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 130 - It's about the Flow

We talked about God’s Goodness tonight in cell group. It was a good discussion and it’s interesting to see how much our experience colors how we see God. I know that from Sozo training and my own experience. Some day, somehow we will believe God for who He says He is, and what his word says about him and not what our life experience tells us. I really don’t think that I did a god job tonight. There is so much more I could have said. I’m so glad that I had two strong teachers there to help bail me out. I truly believe you could put 15 people in a room and you would have twenty ideas about God’s goodness. I think they are beginning to get it, but I’m not sure. This is as important as identity. This is really a key core value if we are going to establish a Kingdom culture. We have come a long way, but we surely are not there yet. Over all though, it went well and worship was awesome. Kathy did a great job leading us into His presence, searching for His Glory and Goodness. While we were there, the Holy Spirit took over and released a prophetic song from the Father’s heart to us. That seemed to break the dam and you could feel the love and goodness of God rush in and begin to permeate our hearts. We then divided up into three groups for ministry time and that was awesome. There were prophetic words, baptisms in the Holy Spirit, healings and prayers for healings. So it was a “normal” night for our cell group. It is so much fun when He shows up.

Today was really a busy day. I didn’t get home from work until after four and I had to be at the church at six forty. So I ate some left over chili and did a couple of things around the house and it was time to go. I’m glad that I have a day off tomorrow. I have to go to a meeting in the morning, but most of the day is mine. We have sozo tomorrow night, so I will be busy then. I know that will be good. I just want to see Him move. I love to see His face. You know that He is the God of the now. His name is I am, not I was. So many times we get so caught up in our past that we can’t see the present. He wants to meet us here, in the now. He doesn’t care about our past. He has promises for our future, but He wants to deal with us now, in the present. Our problem is we think too much of our past. Then we look to the future and we don’t want to deal with the present. The only way to get to our promises of the future is to deal with the present. He is here, now to deal with my issues. The question is this: Am I ready to deal with my issues? I think I am, so I have to be open to allow Holy Spirit to search my heart and show me what we need to deal with. I don’t have to “naval gaze”. He will find what we need to deal with. The only question, the only thing that could hold me back is my willingness. Am I willing? Will I allow Him to search and then deal with what He finds? This is not a one-time thing; it is a lifelong process. We have to do this probably daily. At least I do. There are always issues coming up that I need to deal with. Well, I am willing. This is a process that I go through often. Not every day, but when I feel like there might be something blocking His presence in my life. This is like the idea of keeping short accounts and forgiving others quickly. It allows me to experience more of His presence and goodness in my life.

As I sit here tonight, I can truly feel his presence. I hope that if you are reading this you can find time to do this yourself. You see, it’s not about performance. It’s really about love. It’s about giving love, but even more it’s about learning to receive love. We need to learn to be receivers. We need to be people who easily receive His love at any time or any place. My goal is to be a “fire starter”. I can’t be a “Fire starter” unless I have fire within me. I can’t have fire within me unless I learn how to receive His love. So, I all boils down to being open to receive His love so we can then give it away. It’s about flow. We can’t let the flow be dammed up in any area.

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