Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 137 Breakthroughs

Tonight at our monthly Thursday night Healing Ministry we had a breakthrough. Yes, we had a new model that opened up things more for the Holy Spirit to move. Yes, we had more people to pray for than we have ever had, probably over 50 went through in about 2 hours. Yes, we had probably 5o people or more on the team. Yes, we had a worship team that did an incredible job. All of these factors made it possible, but they weren’t the breakthrough. I believe the breakthrough came with the intense, heavy Presence of the Father that was here tonight. It was probably the most anointed night that I have had praying, and I believe the reason was because of His strong love and presence. It was hard not to rest in the anointing tonight.
So why did we have this breakthrough. I believe that Holy Spirit was honored because we did everything in our power to make Him feel welcome. That began in the office when we were worshiping Him and continued in everything we did tonight. Terry, Lynn and the whole healing leadership team has been working very hard to create an atmosphere that is conducive to the release of the Presence of God. A lot of thought and prayer went into this model, and it took many ministries of the church working together to make it happen. This is just one example of what I believe God is doing and about to do in RiverStone. I see RiverStone like a ripe watermelon that is almost ready to explode (in a good way). When it does, ministries are going to be birthed. I believe He is about to birth at least 2 different outreach ministries into the community. I believe that healing and the prophetic are going to increase and be taken into the community to help bring transformation. These are exciting times and all we can do is hang on and be ready.

So it that is how it is done corporately, how do we do this individually? What do you and I as individuals have to do to receive a personal breakthrough? First, I think that it is not about the breakthrough itself. It is really about making Holy Spirit more welcome in our lives (houses). It is really about welcoming His Presence, and then doing whatever it takes to keep His presence with in us. That includes worship, creating a proper atmosphere for Him to flourish. He loves me and wants to hang out, but we have a say so in what we do to honor Hip. His presence should be the main focus of our lives.

When we carry His presence, other people notice and the atmosphere in the room changes. We can do that. We can change the atmosphere if we are bold enough and willing enough to be seen like a fool. I guess one of the main things I learned through impartation and modeling at school last year was how to change the atmosphere of the room. I watched Scott, Tracy and all of the team on different occasions come into the room and cause a shift in the Spirit. This is not bragging, but just facts. Holy Spirit allowed me to come into a room and shift the Spirit tonight. When I walked into the church office, there were many of the team just sitting down. Some were just talking, but there seemed a heavy spirit. There really wasn’t much joy in the room and although certain individuals carried His presence, overall the Presence of God was absent. I walked in knowing it was up to me to “fan the flame” of His presence until the presence of God was so strong that it took over the room. I knew that I couldn’t do it alone, but I knew that He wanted it, so if He wanted it, all I had to do was risk looking like a fool and He was bound to show up. It was a great time of joy and release of His love. I truly believe it set the stage for tonight’s breakthrough. It was fun and exciting to see Him move like He did. I love His presence. It’s what keeps me going when times are hard and blesses me to no end when times are good. Life in the Spirit really is all about hosting His presence.

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