Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 170 - Last Night in Mobile

Here I am sitting in Lisa’s living room. I’m in the only chair left in the room and there is one coffee table; otherwise the room in empty. The movers came to pack boxes today. I counted over 120 boxes packed in the space of about seven hours. They did a good job. Too good in fact! There was this one elderly guy. Really, he had to be older than me. He was packing everything. He even packed his partner’s backpack in one of the boxes. They noticed it was missing, and were able to get it before it was left. But he also made a critical mistake. We will find out how critical tomorrow. Lisa has one of the new extra capacity front loader dishwashers. It is very nice and with two young children, she needs it. Well, these washers are very susceptible to damage when being moved. The big drum has to be stabilized with a certain block. They come with the washer, but are very hard to find anywhere else. Lisa had dutifully saved this device and had placed it in the cabinet overhead the washer. She told the movers (the elderly man) not to pack it. She knew that she would need it later.

Well, you know how this ends. It is somewhere in a box. The problem is that the box is somewhere on the truck. It would be like searching for the Ark of the Covenant in that Washington warehouse. You know the one that the government put it in after Indiana Jones had discovered it. You see, the good news is that the moving truck came early. It wasn’t supposed to be here until tomorrow morning, but it came around three in the afternoon. They immediately took inventory and then began packing. So, all the boxes are on the truck, along with over half the furniture. Somewhere on the truck, in one of the boxes, is the device to stabilize the washing machine. Obviously no one wants to unload the truck to look for it. So, tomorrow morning we are going to begin a search for another device. I pray that we can find one quickly, because the move might be delayed until we do.

So, I am here in a house with not much more furniture than the beds we will sleep on; writing my blog. There is no Internet, and no TV. Everyone is tired, but little Julia who hasn’t slept all day is still fussing. I’ll have to go to StarBucks to get this posted, so if it’s not posted until in the morning, please forgive me. I’ll see how I feel when I finish. It has been a good day. It did rain a lot, and it is supposed to rain again tomorrow. I’m glad we got so much in the truck because it wasn’t raining this afternoon. The big question is will we be able to get everything in the cars. I haven’t a clue, but I want to make sure before the truck leaves.

As I look around this house, knowing that it will probably be the last time I’m ever in it, I have mixed feelings. I see Julia in every room. I think she either painted or helped paint every room in this house. She helped Lisa choose the colors and helped her coordinate. So I feel sad knowing that she will never be able to do that again. I am doing what she normally would be doing. If she were here, she would be taking care of Ann, Julia or both. I tried today, and I think I have done a pretty good job. Yes, Julia is probably watching me proudly, saying that she taught me well.

I look forward to the drive back north tomorrow. Hopefully we will be able to get away by 2PM and back home by 9PM tomorrow night. That is being pretty optimistic, but I am, if anything, an eternal optimist. At any rate, I have to get up early Thursday morning to go pick up Adair and Meleah at the airport. I saw a truck riding down the road this afternoon. It made my day. There was in big letters on the back window, this phrase: “God is Good; All the Time. It was refreshing to see. So I close tonight with that thought. God is Good; All the time. I think I will reflect on that as I go to sleep here in Mobile tonight.

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