Friday, June 11, 2010

Day 152 - Weeding and Planting

How is your garden? My garden has weeds, or should I say that my back yard does. It seems like only yesterday that I had weeded and got rid of them all. Well guess what, “There Back!” Wow, I didn’t realize how much Julia did in the yard. Like I said, I cut the grass and edged, that was it. Well like a lot of other things, times have changed. I was looking at the front yard this week as I drove in from work. I noticed that the pansies were pretty wilted. No surprise with all the heat we have had, after all, they are a “winter” plant. Also in the back on the patio were two big planters that should be in front of the front steps. I knew it was time to do something. I kept hearing Julia tell me it was time to plant. Then as I was walking in the back, it was if she was pointing out all of the weeds that had sprang up. I know that they wouldn’t be there if she were still here. That’s her job, and it is just not fair that I have to do it now. But of course we all know that life isn’t fair. Anyway I called Biddie and she said that she would help pick out some good plants for the pots and for the front. I figured that I could get to them next Tuesday or Wednesday. I’ve always had a problem with procrastination, especially when it came to yard work. It is probably an area that I need inner healing.

Well, I was getting ready for my run this morning when John called. Biddie wanted to get the plants for me, and she wondered if I wanted to go with them. No, I knew that I would be no help, so I told her to just pick out what I needed, and I would pay her later. I went on a run for almost an hour, and then went to Publix shopping. I was tired, it was hot, but I figured I would do some trimming and weeding when all of a sudden John and Biddie came in with all my plants. So here was my dilemma, do I plant or do I weed? Both are necessary task and both are needed. I knew that I wouldn’t have time for both. It was very hot and humid, and even if I did have the time, I probably wouldn’t have the energy. To be honest, weeding and trimming would probably be easier, but I’m standing looking at all the plants. If I don’t plant them, I have to water them and put them up so they will be protected from the heat. The best protection that they can have is to be planted. So, for the next three hours, in the hot sun and high humidity, I dug up all the old plants, the mixed in new soil, planted the plants and fertilized them. Then I replaced the pine straw. During this whole time I was constantly pouring sweat. The thing about having a shaved head is that there is no hair to hold the sweat. It constantly is running of into your eyes or glasses or just down your back. After the three hours, I was totally wiped out. But all the planting was done. The funny thing about the planting is that the weeds in the area I planted were taken care of. They were gone as I prepared the soil.

In the garden of our hearts we have weeds, and we also have areas that need planting. I believe that we should first concentrate on the planting. Just as in my yard, the plants are tender. The plant might be a new truth or revelation from God. It might be a prophetic word that needs to be ingested and meditated on. It could be anything. The key is that we should take care of the planting before we take care of the weeding. We need to get the plants firmly in the ground of our heart where they will be protected. Also as we do that, some of the associated weeds will be removed. Yes, we sometimes need to weed our hearts, but we should not be so introspective that we wind up “Naval gazing”. Instead we should allow Holy Spirit to point out where the weeds are that need to be removed. Much like Julia was pointing them out to me today in the yard. He will be sure to point them out, then when you have time you can weed your own garden. But always choose first to plant, then to weed. In life as well as in the spirit, it is the best thing to do.

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