Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 142 - Releasing God's Love

What was it Jesus told His disciples to do? Preach the good news of the Kingdom, heal the sick, cleanse the sick, raise the dead. All of these require action on our part. It’s hard to understand why God has chosen to use us to bring His Kingdom to this earth. He could do it with just one word. BANG! It would be done. But like I told a friend of mine today, If we understood everything God did, He wouldn’t be much of a God. So for whatever reason He wants us to act here on His behalf. That means I have to do more than just be in church. I have to “take it to the streets”. What does that mean, and what does it look like? Well, I believe it is different for every person. Sometimes it means total outreach into the neighborhoods with things like treasure hunts and door to door prayer. Other times it means equipping others to do what you can do. By equipping others, you expand your reach. I think we can do all of it, but we have to know our gifts and then be able to focus. I really feel that I am called to equip leaders to be more effective. I am also called to teach about and release God’s love wherever I go.

One of the ways we can release the Father’s heart, or God’s love, is by accepting others and not judging. Last night when I was writing about our Marriage Encounter weekend, I got a revelation of how God used Julia’s acceptance of my feelings to open me up to Him. This is not only for husbands and wives. We all need to be able to accept person’s feelings no matter how wrong we think those feelings are. This acceptance allows them to let down their defenses or walls, and be more open to receive what they need to hear from the Father. Does that mean we condone sin? Of course not, but it does mean that we still love the person and do our best to restore them. It is not my job to judge or give out punishment. It is my job to show the love and mercy of Christ. It is my job to bring light into the dark places. I can do that as long as I keep my eyes fixed on Papa and His goodness.

If you think about it, where do most of the people in the world, especially those who are not believers experience the Father’s love. Most of them experience it first from another person. That person shows them love and they want more of it. Where did the love come from? Why is that person different? These questions and more are asked by a person who receives God’s love through someone else. These are some of the questions I asked about people in my Sunday School class who were showing us love like I had never seen. You see, if Christ lives in us, we carry the light. We don’t just reflect light; we carry it. People will be drawn to the light that is within us, and we need to be ready to show them the true source.

So this week I am off on an adventure to spread the light of His love. It is my desire to release the Goodness and Love of the Father. So How am I going to do it? Well I am going to Albany Ga with a team from Bethel Redding and Bethel Atlanta to do Sozo training in a conference. We leave tomorrow afternoon. We will all be doing sozos on Thursday and Friday. The plan is to do one in the morning and two in the afternoon. So I will probably be involved in six sozos. Then we will do the training on Friday night and Saturday. It is exciting because I know that Holy Spirit, Jesus and Papa will all be there. You see, the sozo ministry is a way that I, with the help of Holy Spirit, can open someone up to understand the Fathers love, and help them to embrace their destiny and calling in Christ. It is exciting, because training others expands exponentially what I could do alone.

We will be there until Saturday night. The hard part will be getting my blog out. I will be staying with a family and I have no idea what type of internet access I will have. I will blog every night, but it might be the next day before I can find somewhere to post it. I will post the blogs as soon as I can, but please be patient if they don’t come up when they normally do. Today was a good day. I was off and got a lot accomplished. I do miss Julia tonight, but I am looking forward to this weekend. To bad she’s not going to be able to be present in the flesh. I know that she would have loved it.

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