Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 145 - More of His Love

We did more sozos today. I was involved in three. That makes six sozos in two days. It’s no wonder I’m tired tonight. After we finished we had supper and came back for the conference. After the conference we prayed for more people in front of the alter. We got home around 10:30. So it has been a very long, but very productive day. One of the things I like about the sozo ministry is that no two sozos are ever alike. I did six and every one was very different from the rest. There is no way that I could plan to do something at each time. You have to flow with the Holy Spirit and be able to adapt on the fly. The tools are uses, but there is no particular method. You are totally dependent upon Holy Spirit. If He doesn’t lead you, you usually fail to accomplish very much. I felt that we accomplished a lot today, and for that I give God the glory and honor.

I met a group of about nine people that had driven up from Homestead Fl ( over a nine hour drive) just for this conference. There were people from Mississippi and Alabama and North Carolina here as well. All had come to this small southwestern town to learn more and to experience first hand this ministry. The people from Homestead know our good friends Russell and Kerry Black. They are involved with them in other ministries. As they were talking my mind went to Julia because I remembered that Russell and Kerry and wanted Julia and I to come down an sozo them, their friends and to train sozo. We had wanted to go, but the timing didn’t work out. We had talked about going after Lisa had the baby. Well we had a lot of plans that didn’t happen. I did miss her today as I have missed her all week. She would be enjoying this.

Tomorrow is the last day. The conference starts at 9AM and will last until around 5:30. Then we drive back home. I have a couple of people riding with me, so the ride should be OK. I hope to be home by 9:30PM. So what have I received this week? I think the blessing of seeing someone understand God’s love for them for probably the first time is so good that if that was all, it would be worth it. But there is so much more. I love seeing hungry people get filled and we have seen that as Holy Spirit has continued to manifest himself to those who seek Him. I love seeing the gifts of the Spirit in action. I love it when Papa gives me a word for someone and it is right on target. I love to see people activated to step into the destiny God has for them. I love to see people from four different churches in total unity as a team that you would think that they were from one church. (This is probably one of the biggest things of all.)

I am very tired, but my spirit is very alive. I’m not sleepy. I wish that I could just sit here and soak in the presence of Holy Spirit for hours, but I have to pack up and get a few hours sleep. I really do enjoy going on trips. I believe it is when we get out of our own environment and out of our comfort zones we are used the most, and move in the most anointing. Maybe it’s because we are more in tune with Holy Spirit. What ever it is, I want to keep going on trips. They don’t all have to be sozo ministry trips, but I would like to be involved in a few sozo trip over the next year. Well, I have to get Lisa moved first. So it’s time to get home and think about the kids coming up here and then Lisa going on to Norfolk.

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