Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 160 - A Company of Fathers

I had a thought the other day. It was about a week ago and I was running and thinking/praying about my future and destiny with God. The phrase “A Company of Fathers” came to me and it has been with me ever since. I’ve tried to put it down, but it just keeps coming back to me. I was asking Holy Spirit what it meant. I got several different things. But right now I have no clarity. But I will write about what I was thinking because I have found that writing sometimes gives me clarity of thought. So on one level, I know that we are living in the “fatherless” generation. A lot, if not most young people today have been in a single parent home. Normally that is the mother raising them. Even if the father is around, too often He is so involved with work that he tends to be an absentee father.

Our earthly father is the best representative that we have to our heavenly father. The best earthly father can in no way represent how much our Heavenly Father, Papa, loves us and cares for us. I think that I was a good dad, but I know that I couldn’t be the dad that Father God can be. My dad was a great dad and I love him very much, but he couldn’t be the dad that Papa is. So no matter how good our dads were or are, there are wounds and lies that we have in our spirit that keep us from really connecting from Father God. Without a good connection to Papa, we will never realize our true identity and who we have been called to be.
What if there was a company of men who traveled around with other ministries that ministered to youth? Places like youth camps or to rehab centers or with ministries like Jesus Culture. What if all these men did was release the Father’s heart and show Papa’s love and forgiveness with prayer and consoling? These are just thoughts. I had almost shelved these thoughts when I heard that there was a book written on some of the founding fathers of the US called “A company of Fathers”. The book was about wisdom that was necessary but had been lost.

I look at good men around me; men with wisdom, who have fought the fight and overcome. I see men that I know from RiverStone that have so much to give. I see men from Bethel Atlanta and from BSSM. I know that individually they are making a difference. I guess the question that I have is this. Is there a need to form “A company of Fathers” that would intentionally travel around and minister? I don’t know, but I am praying about this and seeking His wisdom and direction.

As I look at Father’s Day tomorrow. I know how fortunate I am to have such a good father. Was he perfect? No, but none of us are. What I do know is that he did the best he could, and he loved his kids. As a dad, that is all any of us can do. I know that I wish that I knew what I know now when I was raising the girls. As dads we can all look back and see things we could have done better. But it is not time to look back, it’s time to live for the future in the present. Whether you are in a certain ministry or not, God is calling for a company of fathers to rise up and father this next generation. We are to lead by example. Iif we press into everything God has for us, we will pave the way for this generation to press into things that we have never seen.

So, whether I start a ministry or not, tonight I am calling for this company of fathers to rise. Start with your own kids, but don’t stop there. Be the example of Father God to everyone you meet. He is with you, and He will give you the grace and release His love through. Release the passion for Him that is within you and let others see and feel it. It is infecting and will draw others to Him. Can you see it: an army of Fathers, moving through the streets of our cities and the world. Now that will be a sight to behold. Happy Fathers Day

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